Come on already we have to be ready when the horn blows or all the good seats will be taken, and I don't want to end up in the corner again like last year. - Dwarf eager for the feast.
  Translated to the Day of Many Feasts, the Dwarves both Mountain and Hill celebrate the day with food and drink. All are welcomed to join no matter their standing in society is.


Hek'noga is a tradition that has long since been sacred by the Dwarves that it is considered more honored than the mountains themselves. For it is the time for them to celebrate life and though they live for centuries they know that one day they will return to the Mountains with their ancestors. Which is why the best way to do it is to do nothing but eat to their stomach's content. Here a feast that can satisfy thousands of Dwarves can be seen in a great dining hall. From here it looks like chaos has broken loose when actually it is just a merry time that they are having with singing and dancing. The true origins of how the feast began have been lost to time or dragon fire as many records were destroyed during the Dragon Wars. But most believe that it was during the time of the first Dwarf kings that great feast held with a king from every kingdom celebrated together along with their kin and did not bother about status. That's how it goes to those who know about it and it has been a yearly tradition ever since.



No Dwarf is allowed to eat for the entire day, which is considered a feat as they need a lot of food to eat. Doing their daily task waiting for the hour to arrive for their hunger to be satisfied. Until finally the Feasting horn is blown throughout the hold and all work is stopped as they rush to find a good seat.  

It Begins

  It is always a race to get to the hall to find a seat as the best ones are near the large hearths at both ends that make everything nice and comfy. It has been known for Dwarves to wrestle one another just for them. But when all are seated a speech is given by the leader of the hold about honoring the day with joy and life. This is only a brief speech as everyone is hungry and wants to eat. Once it's over they hit their fists on the table to summon the food and outcome tables upon tables of all sorts of food in drink by the chefs that have been cooking at day. Then when the food is placed down and the chefs seated at their reserved seats by the hearth for their hard work they pounce upon the food like starving wolves.  

A Good Time

  Time becomes non-existent during this time of feasting as they enjoy the food they have to satisfy their hunger. But when some of them are finally full they begin to sing and tell stories that can be heard all throughout the hall that all listened. When many more were done eating they would begin to sing and dancing on the tables. This will go one all throughout the night as they soon do not realize what they are doing as many of them are drunk or exhausted for them to care about anything. Most of them will not even remember what transpired during the night as they simple just live in the moment not caring what happens. This will go on all throughout the night and there they will stay as the whole hold will be found here asleep and not a sound could be heard throughout the halls. A strange thing not hearing a single sound in great halls of @dwarves  

Finishing Up

  When the day finally comes and they begin to wake up, they try to figure out what has transpired, though the headaches they have will not help them. Then they start to clean up the mess they made, despite Dwarves being messy eaters, they neatly clean up their messes until they everything is spotless by their standards. But before all return to their lives they check the barrels to see if any alcohol is left and it is distributed equally amongst themselves. Then the hold leader who is pretty much out of it most of the time declares a toast to a kinship and good health. They then leave the hall and go back to work even though productivity will be down at an all time low for the rest of the day.

Components and tools

Food and drink: Food and drink of all kinds can be found at the feast from the mushrooms of The Deep to the eggs of Wyverns from the highest mountain peaks.   Feasting Horn: A large horn that is blown to begin the feast, these large horns can be heard for miles around.   Book of Tales: A book of tales is often told as it helps to better enjoy a meal to pass the time


Practically every Dwarf in their hold is here to feast as all are welcomed to join and all are treated as equals.


It takes place on the summer solstice when the sun is about to set above the mountains. When the exact time in Dwarven time standards will the feast begin.


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