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Hector the Cursed

Emperor Hector Galba Aurelius (a.k.a. Hector IV, the Cursed, the traitor)

The fact that an emperor would stoop so low as to become a monstrosity in the attempt to live forever is proof that no one beyond the power of the dark forces that exist in this world. - Imperial Chronicler

Physical Description

Special abilities

Vampirism: The powers of a vampire as at their command with heightened senses, speed, strength, and transformation. The only downside is a sensible desire to drink blood and a weakness for silver and sunlight.   Path of Shadow: A Vampiric Bloodline that allows a vampire to truly become apart of the shadow as they truly master them.   Shadow Magic: A dark magic that grants the user power over all things dark and the shadows they control by manipulating them to their will.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Emperor of Dark Intentions

  From what was known of Hector Aurelius, much of it was a typical life of the imperial family. Nothing stood out with him as he lived his life and did his duties to ensure his family maintained their power. He did, however, have a fixation on learning many subjects, one being that of the occult, which he keeps a secret from all around him. It would eventually lead to the Blood Cult and the worship of Paraka, the blood god, as he became an influential follower. His power would grove over time as he so acquired Shadow Magic and used it to become a skilled spymaster for the empire. However, there was a darker reason for taking such a duty as he began to spread his power and that of the cult across many parts of the empire and, in secret, began a plot that would take decades to achieve. Still, in the end, it would shack the entire Western Lands when it came to light. All he did was remain in the shadows until then and scheme and plan for what he believed was a grand design that would make him all-powerful. He would even murder two of his older siblings in secret to ensure that his ascension as emperor was secured, and when he rose, he would finally become a Vampire. He would hide that fact for nearly a decade, with no one knowing the truth but a few of his loyal followers.   When his plan was finally ready, he would have the Capital of Vatia under his control in a new dark kingdom for creatures of the night as a powerful magic spell of Shadow Magic known as Shadow Fall shrouded the city in a darkness that the sun could breach. The event would be known as the Vampire Revolt. Still, no one would realize that the most powerful man in the empire was responsible for it, and he would also begin his plans to spread the spell over the entire continent as the spell slowly spread across the city's outer walls. An army of Vampires and other monsters at his command, as many were either cut down or turned to serve him. But in the end, it would take Black Order and the Order of the Righteous Flame skilled in the art of monster hunting to fight their way into the city and eventually slay vampire emperor, ending his reign of terror. His body would be ash as the sun finally returned to the city after what seemed to be a night that would never end. But he would leave his mark on the land so much that not soon after his death, the Inquisition would be formed because of it.  

Dark Reminder

  After Hector was killed and the rebellion was crushed, much of his belongings were destroyed or confiscated to ensure they did not fall into the wrong hands. Only the only thing left in the palace was a portrait of himself after his transformation into a vampire. While he made it a mystery, the person to make it is unknown and was most likely killed after having it made to keep his Vamperism a secret. As for why the painting was left alone to remind all future Emperors that those who seek too much power can become, and House Aurelius ensures that none of their family ever do this again. Even today, the portrait is still seen in the Hall of Emperors and is considered a chilling piece due to Hector's unnatural physic and yellow eyes that seem to stare into one’s soul long after his death. Yet past all the monstrosity and wickedness that made him, he was once a man, and despite the precautions to ensure another does not come to take power, it is an enviable thing that cannot be stopped. All men have darkness in their hearts hidden from all around them, and those who let it take over them shall consume all around them to satisfy its insatiable hunger.


His twelve-year rule would mostly be uneventful as he locked himself away in the Palace of Lux Aeterna. Only for him to murder and plot behind closed doors with no one suspecting. His final year would result in the Vampire Revolt and the deaths of tens of thousands as they died at the hands of the monsters he commanded.
243 CA 299 CA 56 years old
Short black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
163 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
Life is but a limitation of what one can break if they are willing to what must be done to achieve their true potential
Paraka the Blood God
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages

Mortally and Philosophy

  Hector created his ideas on the world around him as flawed, and its natural limits held him back from his true potential, causing him to fall into the studies of the arts of the occult and Dark Magic. He would also lead to being a member of the Blood Cult, believing in the power of Vampirism would enable him to become all-powerful and rule forever in his twisted domain.


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