Day of Fools

Oh there once was a fool by the name Runagan, he was a man who brought back fun again. Bringing smiles to wash away the sadness and making everyone laugh with madness. He could make scrooge act like a kid and make soldiers skip to a beat when ever they marched. He was the who saved the life of an emperor by making laugh again. He was give a sack of gold for his service and a knighthood as a bonus. This is the tale of unlikely hero who made life more enjoyable then it really should have. - Excerpt from the Ballad of Sir Ranagan the Fool.


The Celebration of an Unlikely Hero

  One of the most unlikely of people to be declared are hero was Runagan the Fool, a simple court jester that had no court to entertain in. But he was different from other jesters, he was able to make anyone laugh. This made him something of a legend due to this as laughter and joy came where ever he went. He was most famous for curing the emperor Demos III from depression that he had suffered from and was on the verge of death because of it. To that him he was payed will in gold and given a knighthood by the Demos himself. After that he parade himself across Vatia and decreed that a day would also be made to honor Sir Ranagan though laughter and mischief making. The festival has been going on ever since.  

Changes Over the Years

  The original day of of fools was actual much shorter than you would expect as much of it only had pranks and jokes done by the people and afterwards a play about and his journey across the land and spreading joy. This changed a century later as more people what to have more excitement when doing it. So parades and costumes were added to get people to better enjoy their time there.


The day consist of three parts, the Parades of Joy, the Day of Laughter and the Plays of Jolly Madness.  
Parades of Joy: As soon as the sun rises parades and music often wake up the people to watch them and enjoy. With those in it wearing absurd out fits and throwing rotten food at building and people. Along with preforming stunts and dancing as well. Which goes on until they reach the festival grounds.
Day of Laughter: The day involves nothing more then playing pranks on people and telling jokes to make people laugh. This can get out of hands sometime and start some fights, but nothing too serious. But the one who makes the most people laugh at the end of the day will be declared the King or Queen of Fools and be made a guest of honor for the plays the happen at the of the day.
Jolly Plays of Madness: At the end of the day a series of plays will be performed for the people with the King/Queen of Fools watching a special guest and judge. The plays can be about simple stories or absurd one as long as it makes people laugh. When the plays are done the King/Queen of Fools will declare the winner and they performers will be granted one wish within reason and it will be granted to them. The festival ends after that and everyone goes home with much joy in them.

Components and tools

The festival consists of three important things to keep it running properly, costumes, pranks, parades and jokes.  
Costumes: All people participating in the festival dress up as fools to get into it. It also helps them from being beat or chanced after by people after the festival if their prank or joke isn’t to their liking.
Pranks: Some pranks can be either simple or complex as long as it is funny when it is executed. They are often are often either staged by a group of it is done to random strangers.
Parades: Parades are conducted to get everyone in the spirit of the day. Often going all out with costumes, music and entertainment gather people to join them.
Jokes: Jokes are another way to make people laugh and some one who knows to use them can make a whole crowed laugh their heads if they are that good.
Plays:These are often about absurd and funny stories that are made up or from stories of old. As long as they are funny the actors won’t get rotten fruit thrown at them.


Everyone young and old are often invited to the festival as laughter belongs to everyone. Also once every year one person is declared the King or Queen of Fools at the end of the festival. Where they shall be the guest of honor at the plays that is done at the end of it.


It is often on the day Ranagan came to see the emperor and improved his health and it has been don every year since it was decreed that there would be a festival in his honor..
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