Crown of Mor

I'm telling you that you only choose death by trying to find that accursed crown. It only brings misery and destruction to all those who try to master its power. - Concerned Man
  The Crown of Mor is something that very few people speak about and for a very good reason too. For it is a magic item that brings pain and suffering where ever it goes not matter who has it. It's another reason that Norrians are cautious when dealing with magic as not all of its good and it can bring trouble if not in the proper hands. The crown itself is considered an omen of dark times ahead due to its dark history as one of the many creations made by the Warlock Lord Mor, who was one of the most terrifying of the members of the Warlock Dominions and even the Trinity of Ash was afraid of him. This feared was said to have come from his deep understanding of necromancy and blood magic that allowed him to do things that were considered impossible to achieve with magic, such as resurrecting the dead without turning them into the undead and the ability to used large amounts of magic without suffering from Price of Magic. He was skilled in the art of creating magic items and twisting them into his design. Along with him combining his efforts with the natural sciences creating results that were unseen and horrifying to the world at the time. But one of the most prized and powerful items he had ever forged was a crown that was made from metal and bane and craved into it were runes that were created for the blackest of magic. The original name of this crown has long since been forgotten as to utter its name would mean a terrible misfortune upon all who heard it or so the story goes. The crown made him more powerful than ever before and granted it, master, with unspeakable things that seemed to go beyond the natural way of things. Such as seeing into the past and the future and looking into one's mind. The crown though would be lost after the fall of the Warlock lords and Mor was killed with his own magic turned against him. But the crown would return a century later when it was discovered by Maldonis the Mad, who wore the crown on his head and lead to massive conquest of the Norria. Most of his success was said to have come from the crown itself as it gave him power over his enemies. But with time the crown would slowly drive him to madness and his own men killed him to put an end to it all. As for the crown is fought over and worn by several others before several before that all meet an untimely end. The crown was then hidden away as it was considered too dangerous in anyone's hands and as its magic was too powerful to destroy it. No one has seen it ever since and it shall remain that way for all time if it's even possible.  

Dark Prophecy

Upon the day when the North is covered in the blood of its people for a greater purpose to change its fate so shall the coming of dark one from the dark times of old return to reclaim his wicked crown and bring forth another age of darkness that will cover the land with the aid of a great deceiver to carry out his will. - Prophecy of the Dark Crown
  It is said that that the Mor shall one day return to the world from a prophecy foretold soon after his demise. Though many people considered it nonsense as no one can really come back after death. But some fear the prophecy that may come true and secretly prepare for that time and try t at least stop it from coming true. The Sheild of Asen, named after the god of truth and protection swore to defend the land from such a dark prophecy to their last breath. But in their interpretation of it, they believed that Darius Harkon was the great deceiver that would return Mor to the world and sought to kill him in the Northern Wars of Unification. But all of them would fall to him and the rest fell at the Battle of the Bloody Hill and the truth would have revealed that they were lied to by a seer named Nemaron the Crow who sought Darius' death for breaking a prophecy that not come true about him. Though this was a tragic end to noble warriors there are still those who still wait for the time of the Great Deceiver and ensure that the crown is never found by him or dark time will befall the land.


The Crown of Mor is considered an artifact of evil due to it being created by the Warlock Lord known as Mor who is considered one of the more dangerous lords to ever exist for his vast knowledge of the dark arts of magic with science and his creativity in how to meet his own agendas.
Item type
Unique Artifact

Darkness Upon Ones Head

  The powers of the crown vary from what people have seen when it was used and those who have worn the crown have died either from suicide or killed by those around them when they became too dangerous. But from those who managed to live after the wearer died since they tend to kill everyone around them, they managed to see some similarities that multiple people have seen. Some of them going while the rest of them being terrible for the user.  

Possible Powers

  • Foresight
  • Telpapthy
  • Visions
  • Arcane Knowledge
  • Magic Power

Possible Consequences

  • Seeing previous deceased owners
  • Voices
  • Hellucinations
  • Madness


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