A devil comes in many shapes to claim it victims

The beasts of the full moon that kill to satisfy their blood lust and their host unaware of what is happening to them. The werewolf can be traced back through thousands of years since the time of the Elves. Starting with the a creature simply known as the Beast, a massive wolf like creature that caused pain and misery where ever it went. It has been said to be created by Forsaken god Vulga’durm to bring about a reign of terror in the coming nights. Its bite alone was the cause of the curse that werewolves that walk the earth to this day. Even after the the Beast was defeated by the goddess Lera, the werewolves still hunted and killed. They were soon all hunted down with very few of them left in the world.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Werewolves can be bipedal or be on all fours. They look entirely humanoid, except all the features are that of a very large wolf.

Biological Traits

A werewolf will change to fit the cursed's body structure. They are also weak to silver and fire. Decapitating the head from the body will kill it. Wolfsbane is also said to have a toxic affect on them a as well.

Genetics and Reproduction

heterosexual, werewolf are able to reproduce in their beast form but in doing can lead to die consequences since the beast is in full control and will force themselves on a potential mate. With can lead to the a half breed species known as a Wolfman to be created.

Growth Rate & Stages

A werewolf takes a few minutes to fully transform when the full moon is near

Ecology and Habitats

Werewolves can be discovered anywhere.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Fresh meat from just about anything

Biological Cycle

The werewolf only transforms near the moon's fullest night. The beast will not come out until that time again. Unless magic or any other foreign element is in play

Additional Information

Social Structure

werewolves in numbers would follow the social structure of a wolf pack. There are no leaders, instead they work together to hunt.


Werewolves have been know to be used by Vampires as attack dogs. They will obey them unless they see them weak and break free from control.

Facial characteristics


Geographic Origin and Distribution

Werewolves can be anywhere in the world depending on the cursed.

Average Intelligence

The beast takes over the host, but they still retain higher intelligence than most other animals, make them very dangerous.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

All senses are enhance when the werewolf takes control

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Class Supernatural
depends on race
Conservation Status
very few left in the world
Average Height
7 - 9 feet
Average Weight
thousand pounds
Average Physique
Werewolves are highly muscular due to the transformation
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
brown, grey, black, white furs

Cover image: Teen Werewolf by Marina Krivenko


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