Vatian Empire

There is no place in the world were the word Vatian is not spoke without fear and awe. - Veronius III, eighty fifth emperor of the empire


The Vatian Empire is ruled by a emperor or empress that help govern the provinces and territories across the land, but does not solely rule alone as the Imperial Senate keeps the emperor from having too much power and ensures that laws are far and just for its citizens.   The nobles would the next in the line of power. With dukes and duchess holding controlling of provinces. Marquess and marchioness hold controll for border territories across the land. Earls and Countess would control counties.Viscounts and Viscountess taking control of judicial and administrative office. While Baron and Baroness control the fiefdoms of their cities and Imperial Senate keeps the emperor from having too much power and ensures that laws are far and just for its citizens.

Public Agenda

The Empire believes that it is destine to reunite humanity under one banner, just like their predecessors, the First Kingdom of Man which collapsed thousands of years before the empire was formed. In doing so they must eradicate all traces of culture that considered inferior to that of their own. As well as make make their citizens prosper and keeping those they considered inferior under their feet until they are worthy to stand by their side.


The empire itself has enough resources in its provinces that is either gained by proper means or by force. They able equip its armies and pay for troops across the territories. Along with massive infrastructure to its cites, castles and settlements to that have been perfected over the century through sweat and blood. Their armies are trained and disciplined to form a well oil fighting that very few can match in battle. Slaves to tend to needs that they believe are not fit to do themselves. Though the wealth that they had attended has since demised little by little from corruption of within. Stone roads also make transportation easier as with being able to reach a location faster than usual. Communication is al quite well developed with messages being delivered by horse or bird.


An empire built on the fears and tragedies of of other the Vatian Empire made itself one of the greatest nations that Humanity has created on the face of Terus. But before their was ever an empire, Vatia was was city state among hundreds of similar states that were created after the collapse of the The First Kingdom of Men after they successfully ended the Beast War and making humanity the dominant race on the continent. Soon after though the kingdom collapsed and started an age of war and turmoil. But the leaders of Vatia were much smarter and craftier and decided to improve their infersture and military force. They would one of first settlements to use stone to builds its walls and aggressively expand their city with their new liberated lands. A kingdom would be formed in a mater of decades. But would be blind from threats from the outside. Barbarians and rival nations would continually raid their lands and eventual sack the city of Vatia itself. Only then did they realize that they had to make examples of their enemies in order for no one ever to mess with them again. These would be the rise the Vatain empire and would being their rise to power with that of blood and fire. Entire cities were burned to the ground and enslaved. Armies would be crushed with those who survived put to the sword. Food and resources plundered where ever they could be taken. All those who would dare defy the might of Vatia would be destroyed before they were even given a chance. Who knows how many perished during the atrocities that were made by these men who acted like animals and did as they pleased. These events would be simply remembered as Scorched Earth Campaigns and they would echo though out time with some places still showing the things that were done. The empire was to be never again to taken likely like is predecessor ever again.They would expand little by little for the next few centuries conquering all who stood in their way. As they grew larger, they decided to put its peoples in to two different categories, citizen and non-citizen. Citizens are were those were descended of Vatia , giving them all the benefits of the empire, while non - citizens were treated like second class citizens and many were give poor living conditions. Most people didn't like that to begin with and many rebelled, but all were put down with severe force. Their military was well organized force that was perfected over the centuries and very few could match their resolve and discipline. But most of the work was done for them as the rest of the nations would be torn apart by one power over another. But war would tear the empire from within as civil war would constantly alter the empire forever. They would never truly learn form those mistakes and continue on their chosen no matter the choices they had to make and were willing to make it. There would be several different wars that increase their lands and power exponentially as well such as the Night War , Aztar War, Warlock War, and the War of the Alliances. They would take every advantage they had to be the ones on top of the mound that know as Humanity. Eventually this would make the empire the dominant power across the land. Their culture would influence most of the nations of Humanity as well with Vasili, their native tongue would be used internally and foreign. Most of the cultures of their conquered land would fade away as time went on and eventually become Vatian . Slavery would be a common way of life as well across the empire. No matter what happened the empire alway prospered in the end. They had one more task that they had to accomplish to bring forth their manifest destiny with their sights set on the lands of Ardania. Vatian-Ardanian War would be a long and costly war but they eventual crushed the resistance that was made by the Ardanians and they went down on them with force. They kill their royal family and killed anyone else that stood in their way. The land now is quite for what seems to be the dawning of a new age for the empire. Even now as they have succeed in achieving their dream of a unified land of Humanity has finally been realized they do not realize the mistakes they have made. Their power has only been turned against them as corruption and deceit have altered the empire greatly over the years. The Imperial Senate has but become a place of politicians who care only for their positions and wealth and the nobility themselves are just as worse as they use their influence to undermine the laws of the empire by doing what ever they see fit, without worrying of what the government might do. The emperor has gotten the worst of it all, for he is nothing more than a figure head with very little power and influence he once had in a empire he failed to save from crumbling down. They do not realized how much they damaged they have caused to themselves and the price that had to be payed for it. They have made themselves master of the world, but in doing so they made themselves enemies of the world as well. With the sparks of revolution and rebellion just wait around the corner at every turn, waiting to bring the empire down to its knees.

Demography and Population

The exact populations of the whole empire is difficult to assess but most imperial records access that there at least a few million people in their population.


The empire itself has recently gained control all of the land on the western side of the continent, but is still dealing with rebel cells with in its borders mostly in the lands of Ardania. The land itself has only been conquered for only a few and the empire is trying to assimilate the population as soon as possible. Other groups are located one the island of Hyperia and it neighboring islands.


The imperial military is composed of the army and the navy, with the army being the largest and most well equipped of the two. The navy is considered not as important due to lack of enemies the empire has. But are still well trained and have well advance ships. The military is divided up into different divisions as well, such as military intelligence, military police, special forces among many others.

Technological Level

The empire has over the centuries driven itself to improve itself and the lives of its citizens. Stone roads makes travel faster, windmill to mill grain and pump water. Along with sewers, medicine, forges and much more.


The main religion of the empire is the The Spirit and Flame that dominates almost all of the western lands of the continent. Which has made them very fanatical when it comes to faith and look down on other religions. Making those who follow their god either covert or be eliminated.

Foreign Relations

the empire tends to be hostile or passive to different countries. When they want something they take it by for and when they can't they trade and negotiate with them instead. But the empire is not as greedy as you might think and stop at a certain point when they feel appeased.

Agriculture & Industry

The empire itself is mostly known for it wide ranges of farmland that feed the masses. With much of the Empire’s farming industry making up twenty five percent of the population. Making it highly necessary to have farmers to farm the fields. The rest industry involves quarries, forges, pottery, mining and construction.

Trade & Transport

All trade is done by the Merchant Guilds across continent by merchant ships to trade in the Jatani City States where exotic goods and important resources and across the great stone roads of the imperial highways. Most products that come across these highways are ore and grains that transported into the cities and oversea.


Education is only to those who can afford it, those born into farmers, miners, and metal workers are considered not required for education due to there vital roles in empire. Along with the very few of the poor being able afford to send them to school. Much of the middle class sends their children to learn what is needed to learn in order to follow their duties when they reach adulthood. At the age of six, children a first sent to public school to learn about the history of the empire and indoctrinated to alienate all other societies believing them inferior. Along with non citizens in the process. At ten years old, they are educated in the teachings of the Flame and Spirits, along with any other religious texts. This is to make their faith unshakable and fully committed to their one and only savior. At twelve years boy and girls are separated to follow their duties to society. Boys are sent to different schools to learn the skills that are required for the job that they have chosen for adulthood. Most of these schools allow competition between students in order for them to reach their full potential. Those who wanted to enter military service had to wait several more to enter the military exam. It is quite common for men to train for years to prepare themselves for the big day. Girls were taught to be good house wives and raise children among other skills necessary for a good wife. By the time they reached the age of sixteen they would graduate and become adults ready to contribute to society. As for nobles they are often privately taught by tutors or close advisors to the same family. They would taught the same way as children in public schools, but when they reached twelve they would be taught in the ways of politics and subterfuge in order to advance their standing in society. They are also have to learn horseback riding as well as a part of noble society.


For centuries the empire has built and improve their infrastructure to improve daily life. Road networks of the imperial highway make travel much faster than any dirt road with bridges to cross impassible rivers. Sewer and aqueducts in every city for sanitation. Along with walls and defense structures. Public buildings such as bath houses, libraries, courts, and schools can be found in every single settlement. Defenses are not a problem either heavily fortified across the provinces, with a series of forts and fortresses across the empire. Along with garrisons and checkpoints in every province.

Viribus et unitas sustinemus (Through Strength and Unity May We Endure)


An Empire of Chains

Slavery is a large part of the empire and is often done to non citizens for defying the empire over 15% of the population is made up of slaves and that population remains as more slaves die as much as they are put in chains due to harsh labor practices. It is consider the largest state in the world to have the most slaves and it continues to be so.  

Miltary Might

The legions of the empire are one of the main reasons that it has grown so powerful with a profession army that has yet to be rivaled in the lands of Humanity. Whether it is through conquest or rebellion the legions are difficult to defeat in battle and are consider one of the best fight forces that the world has ever seen.  

Troubling Affairs

Even though the empire is highly organized in maintaining itself, their systems have yet to be reformed by today’s standards, with laws since outdated and politicians looking for personal gain rather then the good of the state. Allowing many government officials to run rampant and get away with it.  

Termoil From Within

Though the empire prosper for it citizens, which make up 35% of the empire, the rest of the 65% are made up of non citizens and slaves, most of which are living in poor conditions and what to slite the throat of every Vatian they see. Meaning rebellions and revolts are quite common in the empire and happen every once and a while. They are quickly also put down as quickly as well with all put to the sword or made examples of to stop further resistance.  

An Empire Surrounded by a Thousand Enemies

Due to the empires policies and conquests over the centuries, they are not the most well liked people to be around. Some are either cautious or hostile when dealing with the empire and conflict always seems inevitable in the long run. The empire will never know peace until the world bows to it or it is broken by it.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Empire
Tiberius Marcus Aurelius
Head of State
Tiberius Marcus Aurelius
Head of Government
Hadrean Marcanus
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Imperial Crowns
Major Exports
Grain is considered a necessary resource in the city states due to the lack of food. Grain comes in great quantities and is easily produced. Iron is also highly values with few places able to mine the ore to make weapons and tools.
Major Imports
The Empire usually just trades with the city states for luxuries that they are unable to retrieve them selves. Exotic animals are used as pets and the arena for entertainment while the rest ar considered a delicacy. Spices make the most exquisite of dishes to feast upon. Silk clothing to live the high life and be the envy of other. Tin, marble, and cotton are considered a highly important resource in the empire,with only a few places that can produce so much.
Legislative Body
The Imperial Senate
Judicial Body
The Imperial Court
Subsidiary Organizations
Continent of Kinath
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Professions
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Manufactured Items
Related Items
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths


Ardania and the Empire were once trade partners and never at war with one another in their complete history together. Many in Ardania are still shocked that this happened in the first place.


The Hyperion League will to anything in its power to liberate Hyperia for the imperial occupation of its lands.

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