Cheif with elders

Public Agenda

To preserve their heritage so that it may never be forgotten.


Four thousand Braves and metal work weapons.


The Tisovo are one of the most respected tribes of the forest due to unshakable faith and protect of heritage. It has been said that they were on of the first tribes to be formed after the Beastmen invaded and stood their ground to protect their heritage. They have since been protecting their culture from the likes of outsider that would see it destroyed. They are one of a few hand full of tribes that know the art of metal working making it able for them to forge metal weapons. They were the first of the tribes to join Hiawatha in the Forest War and the first to fight the Norrians that crashed landed on their shores during the Warlock War. They have since been prepare to be an enviable conflict with the Vatian Empire.

Demography and Population

Seven thousand tribesmen


The land that they hold is said to some of the most sacred of all the other ancestral lands but it is only a few miles longer than most other tribes.


The braves of the tribe have access to metal forging to make themselves more lethal in combat. They often paint their faces black to represent their death face to that they are willing to for their tribe and way of their way of life. It is said that their war drums and war cries are the most feared and can cause the bravest of men to cower in fear.

Technological Level

Primative but have access to metal works giving better tools and weapons.


They follow the spirits of their ancestors to give them strength and resolve in protect their lands. They uses totem poles remind them what is at stake should they fail.

Foreign Relations

They are open to all tribes in order bring unity and cooperation between them in order to protect the land from outsider and their corrupted cultures.

Let the ancestors guide us in our time of need.

Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative Names
Followers of the Forest
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Legislative Body
Judicial Body
Parent Organization
Forest Tribes of Ve’tal
Great Forest
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
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