The Domains of the Arcane

Magic in the world is more primordial in the world then anything else, with many have misconception that you can do anything with magic such as turning lead to gold and being able turn ones self invisible. This is highly falsified and this document will show the fundamental uses that they can achieve weather it is natural, divine or unholy in nature. Those who control it are called mages.  

Natural Arcane

  Natural magic is the most common type of magic in the world, with most spellcasters using it. It also a diverse one as well since the magic is based off the elements of the world. But the user is only able to use one type of magic and that magic can be seen through their personality. Uses for this are magic based attacks, magic based defense, and environmental alteration of environment.  

Types of Magic

Fire: Wild and destructive. It is consider one of the most destructive magics as well, due to its nature in destroying all in its path.   Water: A beautiful yet deadly element. The water itself can change its shape at any time as long as the users will can maintain it.   Earth:Strong and unyielding in it natural form. The the shear power from it alone and bring down the mightiest of foes.   Wind: Swift and unrelenting. The wind never stops for no one and will vanquish any one in its way.   Nature: Life and beauty are not always peaceful. All plants around you are your allies and they will tear apart your enemies.   Ice: The heartless and unflinching. Ice magic a power that all should fear in it own right.   Lightening: The destructive power of the storm that is at your fingertip. It is considered to be the second most difficult to that of fire.   Light: The power to heal and banish the dark. Light is often considered the purest of the elements.


Mage is the term used for those who use this type of magic, but their are several different names for each type along with the personalities that come with them.
  • Pyromancer: Mages that use fire magic, they can be upbeat, cheerful, energetic, irritative, frustrated, angry, cheerful, fierce, arrogant, entitled, self-centered megalomaniac, self-absorbed, self-centered and even violent.
  • Hydromancer: Mages that use water magic, they can be intuitive, instinctive, empathtic compassionate, whiny, clingy, weepy, hypersensitive, histrionic and emotionally self-indulgent, passive-aggressive, manipulative, controlling, depressive, lazy, unmotivated, spiritual, sleazy, sluttish, creepy,sexual and sensitive.
  • Geomancer: Mages that use earth magic, they can practical, pragmatic, grounded, serious, realistic, cold calculating, harsh, overly demanding, judgmental, critical, nit-picky, perfectionist, security-oriented, obsessive, greed, stubborn, unrelaxing and ambitious.
  • Electromancer: Mages that use Lightning magic, they be worry some, humorous, Kind, attentive, impartial, attractive, confident, obnoxious, judge mental, incisive, arrogant, prideful, self-centered, boastful, hypocritical, and rebellious
  • Glaciesmancer: Mages that use ice magic, they can be impartial, logical, strong convictions, cynical, violent, fearful, cold, wary, pessimistic and emotionless.
  • Biomancer: Mages that use nature magic, they can be kind, inappropriate, awkward, supportive, confusing, difficulty expressing emotions, off putting, isolationist, and respectable.
  • Photomancer: Mages that use light magic, they can be strong willed, conscientious, self-worthy, humble, self-righteousness, self-loathing, unalterable convictions, honorable, unreasonable, unforgiving, radical and zealous.
  • Aeromancer: Mages that use wind magic, they can be flighty, fun-loving, wandering, restless, opportunists, unfocused multitasker, bored, humorous, intellectual curious, nervous, twitchy, restless, agitated, physical, day dreamer, cold, unattached, stiff, thinker, disinterested in their application, criticizing, alienating, unfeeling, and uncompassionate.
  Localization Natural magic is affected by the location that it is in. For example, water magic can become strong near water, but if it used in a desert its affects are weakened. All types are affected by this concept no matter what.  

Wild Arcane

  Magic that revolves around all things that are wild in the world, often allowing the user to gain the attributes of certain animals and using them to enhance the use. This is an old and difficult magic to master since if one is not careful, the user might just become the animal they tried to control.  

Types of Magic

  Wild magic is divided into three different categories, control, shifting, and enhancing. control is allowing the user to take control of the aninal they want mentally, shifting evolves the body to magically alter themselves to take shape of animal and enhancing is about using magic to mimic certain traits that animals have and use them to their advantage.    


  Druids is the most common term that is used to identify them.   Beast Master: The most common type of Druid around as they have the ability to go into the mind of any type of animal that they please, but will choose certain animals over others due to a personal connection to them. They often distance themselves from others as well as they act more like the animal they control the longer they are inside their mind.
  Shapeshifter: Druids with the ability to fully transform into certain animals of their choosing, most through stick to a distinct branch of a specie's family tree as further distancing themselves from different forms can be disastrous consequences. Once in to from of the animal, they gain all of its strengths and weaknesses as a whole. Making them far more dangerous do to the intelligence that remains intact while transformed. But the longer they remain in their form the more likely it is that they will never be able to turn back to their original form as the beast slowly takes control of their minds in the process.   Wildwalker: the term used by Druids that found a way to gain the attributes of an animal while maintaining their original from in the process. Making them more enhanced in the process and use the magic within them to constantly shift these abilities to be able to use them in ways that are impossible to imagine. They are often considered an complete different species because of this and is the most difficult type of wild magic to achieve, but constant and excessive use can lead to change both physical and mental.

Spiritual Arcane

  This magic is unique and some consider it to be closer to the dark magic in some ways, but is mostly used as a supportive role. Revolving around the communication and the support of the spirits of the dead and those found in the natural world for support in and out of combat.  

Types of Magic

  Ancestral: A technique that can allow ancestors of a family to gain their knowledge and skills for a time to use. Making them more capable in doing task.   Animal: Often calling upon animal spirits to grant certain traits to those affected by them, such as the bear for courage or the wolf for strength.   Nature: Centered around the spirits that are within nature and asking them for assistance and will sometime command animals of affect their surroundings in doing so.   Channeling: All shamans are able to channel their own spirit for inner strength when it is needed and they can call upon spirits to possess them and communicate with the dead.  


  Spirit Guide: Shamans that use their magic to contact them and use them to lend their aid to those around whether it is for courage or some else they remain with the spirit as long as the shaman remain focused.   Beast Guide: The animal spirits can be quite as difficult to control as much as their live relatives, but when a shaman can summon them, there powers are bestowed upon them their powers to give a primal edge against their opponents.   Nature Guide: Often dealing with spirits that are within nature, which are by far the oldest and most powerful ones around, to call upon them is to make the environment around them to be a living death trap to all who seek to do harm against them.

Foundation Arcane

  Foundation magic is one of the most powerful types of magic to master since it involves controlling the very foundation of existence and the most rarest types of magic since it is rare to come by and often takes years to properly master. But to fully master one of these key powers could alter the very foundations of the world itself.  

Types of Magic

  Space: Those who can create, shape and manipulate physical aspects in an area and is inside it, including an area and whatever is inside of that area. They can trap targets in space and push that space, throwing target away from them or to create paradoxes and other strange events by warping spatial areas and twisting them around. Teleportation is also possible if you know your way through dimensional portals.   Time: To be able to control time is like molding with clay, you can just do about anything, from acceleration of an object to meet requirements or ever stop time if that is necessary, speeding it up or slowing it down to see what happens.but their are some who have said that they can even travel through out time if they wish it, if that is even possible.   Gravity: By controlling gravity, a spellcaster can stop the very rain from falling from the sky or make it heavier to make it more lethal. You are practically untouchable as nothing physical can harm you at all and those who cross will never be safe from your unlimited reach and will make their lives a living hell.   Alteration: They say you can change what something is, but that were your wrong, by altering an object or living thing you can reform it to your own specifications. Lava can be turn into obsidian, lead can be turn to gold, the possibilities are endless. Even change the from of organic life can change from something simple to highly complex in a instant. Even altering the chemistry of both organic and non organic life is an easy feat. With some saying they can be bent to your will in the if you try hard enough.  


  Architects are what these users of magic are called as they are the can the world as they please with just the slightest gesture to do so.   Cosmic Architect: Those who are able to manipulate space to distort their targets.
Eternal Architect: Those granted the power to control time and can end a fight in an instant.
Force Architect: Those granted the power over gravity and use it to make anything unable to reach them
  Modifier Architect: Those able to manipulate the very fabric of all things and bend them to their will.

Holy Arcane

  Magic that bestowed by the gods themselves to those who follow them. These magic are some what differ from each god and can work different from one another and may nit have the same affect. With so many gods there to many to keep track of.  

Types of Magic

  Depending on what god you worship it will very in three categories   Purity: Magic that is mostly made up of magic that involves healing, removing corruption and fighting unholy creatures.   Destruction: often dealing with the destructive power of a god with ties to cosmic or elemental force.   Enhancement: rather granting magical abilities, a god with grant a follower special powers or an item to carry out their goals.    


  Due to fact that their are many different names for these types of casters will be just dealing with the most common names that are given to them.   Cleric: Often the those who deal with the purity of gods and set out to rid the land of evil and help the needy and desperate   Battle Priest: Those who delve in the art of destruction magic and us it for battle on those deem enemies of their god   Seekers: These devoted followers are given special tasks by their gods and bestowed abilities and item to see them through. They will journey to the ends of the earth to see that their mission is completed.    

Dark Arcane

The unholiest and most twisted the magics to ever be casted upon the world. Only those who follow dark gods and seek power ever delve in these forbidden arts. Only to be consumed by them eventual after so much time using them, leaving an empty shell of what they once were and only obsessed to gaining more power. It is also the only type of magic that can be gained rather then being born with it.  

Types of Magic

  Necromancy: The art of raising the dead to do ones bidding. Some seek it to bring back a deceased love, but the sad truth is that they can never come back and leaving nothing but their decaying husk left. But an undead is quite a dangerous weapon to have for never tire or can be killed easily for that matter. Making them a dangerous force to deal with especially when in great numbers and infused with other magics to make them more powerful.   Blood magic: Quite a deadly thing if it is in capable hands. To manipulate the blood of those around you and use it for the most sinister of rituals and spells can be quite devastating. Some are even said to be able to control the very blood inside a living being if they just practice hard enough. Being able to stop someone's heart can scare anyone if you can see it in person. But the maigic needs blood to properly work and sometime sacrifices are need to complete spells and rituals that need large amounts of blood for it can be cast for the user themselves.   Death magic: The most feared of all the dark arts to be able to kill anything slowly or even instantly if they can. Not to mention that being able to drain the life force of any living creature to gain more powerful in the process. But the magic eats away at the cater in the process which is why they need more and more life to sorbed by them to be able to sustain themselves.   Shadow magic: Often dealing with the blackest of spells and creature these who deal with this form of magic to create creatures of dark design and use spell with devastating effects. Making it a power to be feared all together and not one to take likely, for the magic is only as powerful as the castor themselves and will consumed by their own creations if they are not feared by them at all.   Demonic magic: Demons are quite dangerous, especially when trying to deal with them with this forbidden art. The very power of the magic comes from deals made with demons, often having to exchange parts of their soul in the process. Some can even summon demons to do their bidding if they have the power to do so. It is even possible to become a demon by bidding ones self to a demon and letting it live with in you for a time.  


  Blood Mage: These vile casters can be identified by their scars and wounds from heavy use of the magic they wielded, even some with missing body parts as well and a fondness of the color red in their clothing, probably so no one sees them bleed.   Necromancer: Most of them are seen as deformed or old men due to the fact that their magic twists them for every undead they turn and cause them to change overtime and will wear armor or robes to cover themselves.   Shadowcaster: When dealing with darkness you will never be alone again for it will always follow you and be apart of you for the rest of your days.   Reapers: Though not many live long after they use their magic for the first time, just being near one can make you fell that someone walk over your grave.
  Hellion Mage: Demons own them the first time a contract is made and in the end, they end being the slaves as their soul is slowly taken away from them.  

Vodun Arcane

  A strange type of magic that is a mix of dark magic and spiritual magic, some entirely strange all together. It mostly deals with spirits of the dead, but can do many other thing that most other magic can, not to mention that the ingredients and rituals does by those who practice it are considered unorthodox and strange. Most of their powers come from deals with spirits and the gods that grant them the power known as the Loa. Not much is known about this magic at all and it is shrouded in legend and mystery and should not be trifled with.  

Types of Magic

  Voodoo: Rather then using sheer magic alone to cast spells, those who practice this art often use special potions and ingredianece to create strange effects when casted, even some magic that are only meant for one type of magic are found in this, but are alter by to the will of the caster. Much of it is used for combat and control. It is often referred to the path of the underworld.   Hoodoo: The other strange path of this magic as it is created to improve the lives of those who use it and those around them. Unlike the healing cleric, there fortunes are changed instead and live improved, even with the most unlikely of thing that happen when things start to look grim. Even creating items to improve those chances and making deals with gods. It is refereed to to as the path of the heavens.  


  Witch Doctor: Those who take path of the underworld always pay a price to seek the power they desire and their power can grow if they play their cards right and make sure they know when to make the right deal.
  Luck Doctor: The path of the heavens can benevolent to the faithful and cruel to those who do not keep their end of the bargain. Making it quite necessary to keep all of the tasks that they need to achieve are completed or all that good look will become a heaping pile of bad luck that will never go away.


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