The Beast

Fear what lurks in the dark

The Beast

There in the dark were the moon's light showed a beast that would bring nothing but pain and fear. It's fur was as black as night, eyes as pale as the moon itself, fangs and claws that could tear apart anything that it could catch, drool that was like tar dripping out of it mouth. Its size was that of a house and would scare anyone away. But the worst thing of all was that of its howl that would freeze all those who hear it in place and scar the soul forever. - Excerpt from The Wolf and the Moon

Divine Domains


Holy Books & Codes

Book of the Black Moon

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Full moon

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Spread chaos in the world go humans and create more werewolves to increase his power. He also has to try and make sure that his master is pleased as well.

Physical Description

Body Features

Black oozing fur

Facial Features

head of wolf

Special abilities

Can create werewolves

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The Beast was created by Vulga'dume in a attempt to gain more power on Terus. He would be given the shape of the wolf for it was a feared creature that was also intelligent as well. The Beast itself is made out of darkness like most of creations, so he power is only strongest at night. He would rampage across Kinith for several millennia and bringing forth werewolves into the world. This of course was by accident since the powers of his creations were in many cases unpredictable. The goddess of the Moon, Nera took note of this and placed a curse on the Beast, placing him into a great sleep until the full moon came along with keep werewolves from transforming until the full moon. This would go on for thousands of years with his werewolf followers often being killed before the next full moon. The Beast wanted to destroy Nera, but was unable to reach her in the sky and claim the power of the moon for himself and bring for a full moon every night, bring forth a never ending nightmare. He soon went to meet the god Calden, in order to give him power to reach her, but Calden was know for asking for something in exchange in sharing his power. He gave him a fragment of his black essence in return for flight. On the next full moon he charge up to the sky ready to to battle with her. But Nera learned of his plans and gained the aid of Bern, the sun god. He crafted her an arrow of pure sun light that would destroy the beast once and for all. Before he could reach her, she fire her bow and her aim was true, killing the Beast once and for all. His body would land in the forest below and create the Black Swamp with his dark essences. Though the Beast may be gone, his werewolves roam the world to this day spreading death and terror were ever they go.

Personality Characteristics


To create more of his kind in order to gain more power over the world.

Divine Classification
Dark Entity
-100000 - -70000 (Died 30000 years old)
Circumstances of Birth
Created by the Forsaken god Vulga'dume
Circumstances of Death
Killed by the Godess Nera
Biological Sex
white eyes
Black and short

Character Portait image: Fear by WolfRoad


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