The Amulet of Ander

Why do the most beautiful things have to have a history of tragedy with them. This the case of the amulet of Ander which brings death to whoever wears it. The amulet originally belong to Crasis Ander when he found it in the ruins of Uranos. No really know who created it and why. Just think that is just a piece of jewelry while of think it was used for a darker perpose in mind.

Manufacturing process

The ingot was melted down at 300 degrees and poured into a cast iron mold to harden, the It was the reheated in a forge and placed in oil to harden. It was later ingraved with unknown patterns any symbols that lost their meaning. Finall sapphire was placed in the center of it to a final touch to it and to show the beauty of the jem itself.


The amulet belonged to baron Crasis Ander during his rule of Ander's Hold and was thought to have been after his death. But people dare not touch it let alone wear it for most believe it to be cursed. Those who have worn it soon meet with their untimely demise. It currently kept in a sealed case in a disclosed location so no has any funny ideas on take thing anytime soon.

Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Vatian Empire
The amulet is a one of a kind and their are no others like it. By the age and craftsmanship the amulet is at least over a thousand years old. Especially since was discovered inside the ruin of a long dead civilization that that people has long since been wiped from war.
Base Price
4,000 imperial crowns
Raw materials & Components
1/4 Iron ingot, a metal chain and 1 Sapphire. Any other know ingredients have to making this is unknown at this time due to its unknown orgins.
Jewelry crafting tools, crucible, anvil, engraveing tools and a forge.
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