Divine Domains

Undead, necromancy

Holy Books & Codes

The Scrolls of Necros

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A grey skull with necromantic script tattooed on one’s body

Tenets of Faith

Death is salvation, death is the way forward, it greater than life will ever be for it claims all in the end. To fear death is to denie the gifts that it grants you. There is no pain, their no suffering, is no pain for death grants that peace and for those who return from it icy grip shall for ever be free to do as they please.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Let the dead walk the earth and take over.

Physical Description

Body Features

pale with red hair

Special abilities


Apparel & Accessories

wears a long red dress with chains on it.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

According to legend Silva was once a beautiful women in her own right that all adored, but as she became older an lost her beauty she wanted to find a way to get it back. Making her obsessed with immortality and eternal youth. Years went by and she became an old women on the verge of death. In her final days she discover one the Ethereal Shards and ascended to godhood. Her youth was restored and she drained the life force of all the living things around her and with her powers became the first necromancer the world had ever seen. She would then go on a rampage with her undead armies on the living. She would soon meet her future husband Paraka and the became madly in love with one another for their love of death. After the gods where sealed away in their own domains, she has been teaching mortals the arts of necromancy in an attempt to take over the mortal world.

Divine Classification
Biological Sex
Gender Identity


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