Punishments of the Guilty


To warn those who break the laws of the Vatian Empire shall be punished accordingly by the law.

Document Structure


The documents is divided in to several different categories to determine the severity of the punishment of the criminal in question.


Any who break these laws will be punished by the full extent of imperial law,


Judicators often look at copies of this simply know as the imperial records of crimes.

Publication Status

This is only accessible in the Imperial Archives in Vatia with only high ranking officials have access to.

Legal status

These laws are valid in the lands of the Vatian Empire.

Historical Details


This document was made to keep law and order across the empire and that all those break them are punished and made examples of to ward of future offender


As the empire expanded over the first century of it reign it power was not as centralized as it was meant to be. The territories and provinces at the time controlled by noble and governors and their own laws where made to suit their style of ruling. With bribery of being used to get away with a crime. Crime often ran rampant as well since their regional leaders had only had so much influence to deal with it. The finally the Imperial Senate and the ruling emperor at the time, Cadmus Aurelius wanted to centralized laws throughout the empire to ensure that all where treated equally under it with no exception. The Punishments of the Guilty was that document that changed all that. When it was finally released the empire's regions went through crackdowns on crime and corruption. Bringing stability to them and order across the empire. Though some believed that the laws are somewhat harsh very few people spoke out about it.

Public Reaction

The people where mostly relieved that order was restored and criminals where being keep of the streets and bringing safety to the land.


Crime has been keep at a minimal since these laws have be put into place.


The document is permeant until the Imperial Senate says other wise.

Decree, Governmental
Authoring Date
2/21/1182 BCA
Ratification Date
Signatories (Organizations)


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