Price of Magic

Magic is not of this world and come from the Ether, source of all magic in existence which resides on another plain of existence. Those who are born with a close connection the Ether can use magic. But since it is in another realm the spell caster must channel it in to the current reality they are in. A price must be made in order for magic to travel to our plain of existences which is of flesh and blood.


When ever magic is cast a price must be payed to be able to use it. Leading to pain and other side effects if not used properly. More experienced spell casters are able to control the price better through training and control over emotions. If not they may suffer burns, cuts, broken or bruised bones or even death if they cannot control it properly. The of it all they will become a Hollowborn are creature of pure magic and quite dangerous.


Magic can be unpredictable in some places, especially when magical energy has manifested itself over time, usually when high contractions of magic are used in the area before leaving magic residue and continues to grow over time since it can not return to the Ether where all magic come from. These can enhance the powers of magic, but it could overwhelm the user they are not careful enough and increase the price tenfold killing them in the process. Which is why a staff is used by all spell casters since it helps channel the magic through as beacon for magic to travel to it. Depending on the type of magic use each staff is made differently to focus on the certain type of magic. Other than that the price must be palyed where ever you go no one place is without magic and if you cannot pay it you cannot use it for magic is not without a price to pay.

Metaphysical, Arcane

Cover image: Essence Drain by Jim Nelson


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