Blood, that is all he wants, that all he needs. His power is will never waver for it is the very being of all living creatures that walk thee earth. - Unkown

Divine Domains

Blood, pain, violence, war, vampires, blood magic

Holy Books & Codes

The Book of the Bloodied

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A bloody heart smeared on any surface.

Tenets of Faith

Blood is power, blood is strength, blood is absolute, blood is eternal.   The blood will flow no matter the cause, it will forever be his and his alone for he is blood himself and he will remain as such till the end of time.


The Sacrifice of the Blood Moon is only done when a blood moon is out and all living victims are sacrificed to be dedicated to him.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Gain power over the physical world

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Wear red armor that forever drips the bloods of those killed through violence. Along with a sword and sheild covered in blood.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

For the record, Paraka was never a nice guy to begin with. From what we is actually known about him is a bit haze and probably because of his bloody lust for well blood. Some say that he was famed warrior that only craved the blood of his enemies while others say that he was a sadistic killer who just enjoyed his work. Either way he end up as a god during the Ascension Wars and has been causing nothing but trouble ever since. Especially when he help bring forth the Vampire race and created blood magic. The title blood god is not just for show. After all the gods were placed into their own realms during the Binding of the Gods. He been itching to get right back to the world were he left off and of course he’s getting help from his followers in the Blood Cult. Now all he has to do is wait.


Knows blood magic


Family Ties

Married to Silva, goddess of the undead

Divine Classification
The Forsaken Realm
Blood Cult
Biological Sex


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