Old Tongue


The language is not written down so the alphabet is unkown.

Geographical Distribution

It has only been spoken in the Great Forest by the tribes, along with very few others that know the language out side the forest


It is to be spoken loudly to bring awareness to those around the individuals.


The language has altered differently with different tribe but most of the foundations of the language are still understandable.


Retime -Totem pole Dearo nu - long house Teraka - warpath, Herubo - tomahawk Manu - Freedom Fonetige - Beastmen

Spoken by
Common Phrases
Aha luca toya - Peace be with you, Dura mo hota - Greetings friend, Joni le co feh ope vehi - may the spirits guide us
Common Female Names
Asdza,Snana,Lomahongva,Kakawangwa,Ohcumgache,Sasa,Tansy,Niyol, Kezheekoni,Wapun
Common Male Names
Keme Achak,Wambleeska,Wohali,Notaku,Hotuaekhaashtait,Kanuna, Vokivocummast,Mona,Uzumati


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