Queen Korilia Lithia Menaz (a.k.a. Queen of the Damned)

She craves vengeance for what was done to her, to what she held dear. It will never end for it has already consumed her judgement along with the rest of her humanity. - Saint Ganacus

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Due to her Vampirism Korilia has been given superhuman abilities such as strength, speed, and night vision. But she has also trains with a great sword to improve her skills and goe beyond that by put her body to the limits of vampire strength

Body Features

Skin is corpse pale white.

Facial Features

Sharp facial features with thin eyebrows

Physical quirks

walks like she owns the place

Special abilities

Blood Magic, Black magic, Necromancy.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears a crown on her head and black clothing.

Specialized Equipment

Wears heavy black armor and a great sword.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Korillia was once a loving mother and wife before she fell into the darkness that consumed her. It all end when a noblemen caught his eyes on her. She refused his advances and in response he burned her house down with her family still in it. No one tried to help her in any way. She was locked away in a castle for weeks refusing to eat or sleep and only wanted to die. But the noblemen refused her of that and came into her prison and raped her. She teared out his throat in response. She soon waited to die, before Paraka the blood god came to see her. He offered her the power to claim her vengeance against the ones who caused her pain and did nothing to stop it, Humanity. All she had to do is drink the his blood. She never hesitated and was transformed it a vampire and slaughtered everyone in the castle, except for the women, who she trusted more than men. They would be the first of her army and become her wives as well. She waited for decades for to plan her revenge and gather an army that the world had never seen. One that would forever strike fear into any one how would heart name, The Legions of the Night. When she attacked the lands of men were unprepared. The war lasted for decades and many kingdoms fell before her, but her lost for blood clouded her judgement and her power was soon taken from her at the hand of the Black Order and their leader, Saint Ganacus. She was finally defeated in her castle the very place she was imprisoned with and she would be entomb their as it collapsed with what remained of her. But some still believe she survived and awaits for some one to free her from her prison and return to claim her vengeance on the living.


She was gifted and trained in blood magic by the god Paraka and necromancy by goddess Silva

Accomplishments & Achievements

Destroying several nations of humanity and causing pain and misery were ever see goes.

Failures & Embarrassments

Her family was murdered by a jealous lord. she was imprisoned and raped. Defeated by her sworn enemy Ganacus.

Mental Trauma

Still lingers on the death of her family believing it is her fault.

Intellectual Characteristics

She is a master of the dark arts and tends outsmart her opponents. She also tends to think before confronting a opponent

Morality & Philosophy

She care not for the ideals of men and considers them to be nothing more than cattle for her to feed on.


sunlight, silver, feeling emotion, wooden stakes, love

Personality Characteristics


To destroy the miserable species know as Humanity for what they did to her.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Knows how to make people fear her.

Vices & Personality flaws

addicted to blood


Bath in blood of here enemies constantly.


Contacts & Relations

Has any vast array of flowers that worship Paraka and Silva.

Family Ties

All deceased

Religious Views

believes that Paraka can give her what she truly wants.


She speaks with superiority in her voice

Wealth & Financial state

She does not care for wealth for it is nothing more than a useless shiny object. What ever she does need she takes by force.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Champion of Paraka, Queen of the Damned, Misstress of Darkness, Man slayer, Champion of Silva
-73 - 8 (Died 81 years old)
Circumstances of Death
Slain by Saint Ganacus
Current Residence
Castle Mordren
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
blue, red when angry
raven black hair
165 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
Let it burn
Aligned Organization
Blood Cult
Related Myths
Known Languages
Vasili, Korinies


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