Hailing from the southern isles of the Continent of Kinath are the Hyperions a proud sailing culture that sailed and trade with the mainland of centuries. But they can be also quite the hand full as well since they are mighty warriors of the sea and rowdy bunch of sailors as well. There culture is one of sea and only the sea and nothing will change that.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Arianna, Marina, Coraline, Pearl, Diana, Galia, Moray, , Mitra, Jenny, Willow, Coral, Misty, Scarlet, Kara, Alessandra, Bella.

Masculine names

Douglas, Drake, Arvin, Ridely, Alvin, Fraser, Bruce, Kyle, Roger, Jonah, Hector, Conway, Jason, Cliff, Derrick, Midas.

Family names

Delson, Rift, Tideborn, Bay, Davy, Azure, Maltes, Jurgen, Kertney, Korille, Reef, Wave, Salt, Storm, Seafarer, Helm, Decker, Steersmen, Clifton, Naut, Talbot, Triton, Finn, Harper, Fog.


Major language groups and dialects

The Tongue of Tides

Culture and cultural heritage

The Hyperion claimed that they had always been in the isles long before the invasion of the Beastmen, saying that they where given the knowledge of the sailing by the god, Nagoris, god of the seas. Which lead to their islands and have been sailing the seas ever since. It is also known that the Hyperions where great explores at one point in history, with then being the first to travel to the Jantani Desert to trade with the city states and some claim that they were the first to sail east to find the continent of Dageth.

Shared customary codes and values

Sea life is all the Hyperians have and often stick to their traditions no matter what. With unity being one of them as they are all children of the sea. With almost everyone being sailor of fisherman to keep that connection, those who are not are often outcasted. Nothing ever goes to waste either since resources are often scarce because of the rock climate that they make up their islands. A hard days work is its own reward as hard workers go far in achieving their goals.

Average technological level

Hyperions have always been known for being some of the greatest ship builders in the world. Along with being excellent navigators, astronomer, and carpenters.

Common Etiquette rules

All Hyperions greet one another with the sailor's handshake which is basically an arm wrestling match without the table. It represents strength of the person doing it whether they are a man or a women and must hold it as long as possible before one gives out. Eye contact should never be broke since it shows a sign of weakness. You often say their last name first as a sign of respect for their family. As for eating its impolite not make a toast when when out with friends and family, with it usually about something significant or for the well far of other. They all stand up and class their tankards together, with some of the drink spilling, meaning that they agree with what you said. Eating all the food on your plate is also necessary since they do not like wasting food and giving it to a dog of cat is considered an insult. Talking like a sailor sailor is also common making it confusing to outsiders sometimes.

Common Dress code

Men and women often dress the same way as one another to be comfortable at sea. With many baggy cotton pants, a loose shirt with a coat from cotton to leather, leather boats. Most wear something on their heed, either a tricorn or a bandanna or nothing at all. But some women wear a little more clothing in order no to reveal feminine body parts with waistcoats or and a under shirt. Some women do wear dress, but that is often home when they are not working or working in tavern and their not that fancy.

Art & Architecture

Most buildings in Hyperian culture are make of wood with what they could find or buy. But most of it is for building boats and the rest is used to build houses and other builds which are often crude. This is because they do not want to waste to much tome on them because storms often his the isles every year during the summer and often damage them so the considered what the point of doing this if it is going break again. Stone is often used to build lighthouses, temples, garrisons and public builds since they are more important. It is also considered greedy to make your house out of stone while others suffer and you enjoy your life being lazy. Most art is is made stone as well and can be found in town squares and in public places. They often depict their gods, historical figures, events that transpired a long time ago. Along with stories from the days of old. Tattoos are also another way of expressing ones self, with many of them having personal meaning to the own. The process of getting one can take hours and it brings respect to those who able to endure the pain. Most Hyperions have more than one tattoo.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

  • The Coming of Tides
  • The Dance of Storms
  • The Great Trawling
  • The Union of One
  • Seaman's competition
  • The trials of Alanog
  • Drinking contest

Birth & Baptismal Rites

When child is born their rights are not given until the next full moon when the tides are at their highest then they are. They are taken to the coast when moon is near. There Sea Priest or priests take the child to accepted by the sea gods as one of his children. As they speak the rites the child is bathed in sea water to be accepted by the sea god. Seaweed is wrapped around their head to awaken them in order to be a part of the sea and feel it power. A drop of shark's blood is placed into the child's mouth to give them courage and go through and challenge with all their will to see it through. Finally small drop of their blood is put into the sea to became a part of it. They are then raised in the air to absorb the moon's ray to gain it wisdom. Then the parents must shout the name of the child for the sea to listen and know who will be sailing upon it when it is their time to sail it.

Coming of Age Rites

All youths must go on a perilous journey when the reach the age of fifteen, they must sail across the isles in a month to reach adulthood. On the their voyage they must sail in a sailboat that they crafted themselves to show their ingenuity. They are forbidden to take any supplies with them and get what they need from the sea. They often boil sea water to drink and fish on the journey. They most also be able to navigate on their own by using landmark, the sun and the stars to guide them. Storms often happen during this time since this is done during the summer. They most go through it in as a test of courage and determination and come out as warrior. Half way through the journey they must collect a sea stone which can be found in reefs and must swim to get and avoid the danger of underwater predators to find it. Once they do they continue the journey to the back to the their island. Once they reach home they raise the sea stone in the air and it is blue light flashes in the sun and the wind and sea guide them back safely to shore. They are greet by those nearby as a adult and priest greets them to draw a symbol of waves to show that they have passed their trial. As a reward they are given a tattoo and their first drink of alcohol to celebrate. Then they rest for three days from their long journey. as for the sea stone it is placed into a deep pool by a priest to send it back to the sea as blessing of thanks the sea god and the sea for granting the Not all who take the trail come back with them either being killed or abandoning the journey. Those who dies are remembered as brave and true Hyperions and those who failed are forgotten as cowards and exiled from their land and cast out from the children of the sea god.

Funerary and Memorial customs

To die at sea is considered a great honor for they are know one with the sea and join the sea god in his palace of coral to live in peace. But those who die on land must return to the sea or they will forever be trapped on the land and never reach the sea god. All those attending the funeral wear a waist sash that is blue to honor the deceased. The body is striped of all clothing and jewelry for they do not need it where they are going. It is then wrapped in entirely in seaweed and a shell is placed in their mouth. Rites are spoken by the priest and all most shed tear into the sea in order to have the sea god knows of the funeral and send dolphins to bring back the deceased. The body is then rowed out to sea and throw into it. It is said that the dead are carried back by dolphins to return to the Coral Palace of the sea god and he would collect the shell from their mouth and use it to bring them back to life. The seaweed would turn into lavishing clothing as well and the dead would live the rest of their days in peace and luxury.

Common Taboos

Laziness is the sin that Hyperions cannot stand for, life is hard and all most sue their part to bring prosperity. Cowardice is also in tolerated since all children of the sea are born to be courageous in life. The code of the sea is also considered sacred and should never bee broken.


Beauty Ideals

Tan skin is what often attracts men and women from one another, showing that often spend their time outside constantly, showing that they are sailors or fishermen and are hard workers. Bathing is warm sea water is also consider a native custom that has many benefits like healthy skin and giving calming you down from stress. Clean teeth are also consider a must in society as well. With salt being used to strengthen and whiten teeth. Long clean hair is also consider attractive since it represents wisdom and freedom.

Gender Ideals

Hyperion are seafarers no matter what gender they may be. Both have jobs as sailors, fishermen, carpenters and traders. But Women of this culture are often considered just like men since they do just about anything a man can do, drinking, fighting etc. But they are often more educated being able to read and write often for religious reasons. Some men can read and write bu not that may and often learn about cartography and astronomy. Both also have to learn how to raise children since having job at sea can be quite dangerous with some of them never coming back.

Courtship Ideals

Men are the ones to start this harsh tradition for the hand of the women and they always play hard to get. According to tradition women are suppose to represent the sea, as it is unpredictable and the giver of life to the Hyperions. So that being said the idea of getting a women to marry you is a lot more harder especially if they don't like you back. There can also be multiple suitors for just one women so it fair game and every man for himself. Which why the idea is to make the women fall in love with you and calming the sea. This of course is considered hard because if you screw it up they are going to hit you as hard as you can and they can really have a mean hook. They will do more then hit you if you make them really mad as well and it can result in a harsh beat down and sever pain to your manhood. This to represent that it sea is not so easily controlled. Talking isn't the only to catch her either, sometime action speaks louder than word. Often men will do dangerous and stupid things to win their hearts such as sail into as storm or trying to catch a shark among other idiotic things. Some of them do die in the process and those who do mange do win the hearts of some for their courage and devotion to them. Then there are those who are good at building things. Many have been known to make necklaces out of the most beautiful shell to building entire boats for the women they love, now that dedication for you. Then finally their are romantics that just have the spark to get any women to fall for them, through honest words, bold, actions and the ideals that they represent. Though once you get a hold of her never let her go this she can swayed by another man before you marry. Which often ends up in a fistfight or some ridiculous challenge to see who should have he the most.

Relationship Ideals

Relationships are like the sea, there are good days and bad days for a couple. But in the end they manage stick together in the end of it all. It endures the strongest storms and the calmest winds. Both do what they must to do what best for them and their family. Both work to keep them well cared for on rotations with one staying at home and the other out doing their job. No matter what happens they always find a way to love another. Swimming is also requirement to keeping their bond strong as they one being as is the sea, which is often done monthly.

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