Great Forest


The forest is one of the last remnants of the forest that survived the invasion of the Beastmen, though some of the areas have changed over time. Most of region is covered in trees of many different types and other plants. But there are some areas that are swamp and other parts the are covered in hills. It streaches all the way to the Frost Wind Mountains and all the way to the Ildrean Ocean. You could also say that the forest is a natural barrier between the north and south, with no way around it, except by sea. Much of the region though has never been truly mapped due to the it inhabitants and their urge for privacy. Though many believe that there Elven ruins hidden as well with treasures from their rule, but you have to find the ruins first before something tries to kill you that is. There is also a place that no dare goes, not the tribes nor the Beastmen, it is simply called the forbidden region where those who enter are never seen again. It is said that the Fairies live there since the time of the Beastmen, well no one is really sure. One thing is for certain is that this place is not for the weak and faint of heart, only the strong can survive in these lands. It is divided into several different areas that have there own ecosystems that stand out from one another.   Night Reach: An area of the forest were the trees branches are so thick and entangled to one another that it is also hard for any light to come through them and leaves the area to an almost constant state of darkness for most of the year. More light comes in during the winter, but It often covered up with tarps by Akali tribe that make their home in the area since they have grown accustomed to the darkness and prefer to keep it that way. Even if they weren't covered up, most of the leaves don't even make it to the ground since large vines have made their way through trees and and enter woven with them creating a sheet to trap them   Wildwood: A very old and harsh area of forest where the vegetation is so dense that traveling through it is often difficult to travel through, let alone the plant life that is said to   Black Wolf Swamp   The Glade   Abari Hills   Beastwood   Forbidden Forest   Stone Heart Ridge   Grove's Heart   Outer woods

Flora & Fauna


  • Oak
  • Yew
  • Maple
  • Alder
  • Esca Root
  • Nightshade
  • Feverfew
    • Mistletoe


    • wolf
    • Deer
    • Bear
    • Lynx
    • Boar
    • Eagle

Natural Resources

  • Lumber
  • medicinal herbs
  • furs
  • iron ore
  • water
  • poisonous plants
  • variety of game animals
  • Mistletoe


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