Forest Tribes of Ve’tal


The Great Forest is controlled by many tribes that live and hunt on the land with many living in peace. All of which are in dependent of one another and act accordingly by themselves. Each village is lead by a chief and elders for guidance, along with shamans for spiritual guidance. Most of the time they just deal with day to day problems instead of foreign ones. Only when conflict is enviable is when a tribe elect a war chief to lead them into battle. When all the tribe unite to fight a common enemy they will elect a war chief from any tribe to be a Catowe(True leader) and bring them to victory.

Public Agenda

To live in peace and respect the ways of the land


The tribes themselves only have the hunters and braves to protect them from attack and most of them only have bows and spears. Leather armor is also the closets thing they have to protection in battle while some don't wear it as a sign of bravery. Only a few tribe even know metal working skill. Making metal armor and weapons very difficult to find. Most warriors tend to take metal weapon and armor from dead soldier when ever the chance they get.


The tribes existed for thousands of years long before the the Beastmen came when the Elves ruled the land with the other races by their side. Long after the rise and fall of the Beastmen those who survived the conflict lived in the Great Forest to live their way of life. Even after kingdoms rose and fell they isolated themselves from the world. The only real conflict that they ever had was from the kingdom Frenik that tried to convert them to The Spirit and Flame or faced destruction. But they would be lead by the first Catowe known as Hiawatha and destroyed the kingdom. A similar bu smaller threat were Norrians trying to flee back to their homeland after their tyrannical warlock masters were killed at the end of the Warlock Wars. But since then their have only been a few skirmishes with other tribes and the Beastmen usually stick to their lands. No one can be really sure how long this peace has last and the people themselves have no seen any real change as the world around them does. The tribes themselves do worry though as the recent war between Ardania and the Vatian Empire have left their mark on the forest. The tribe themselves spilled blood on both sides as they feared an invasion was happening. The tribes themselves have remained divide and rather not let old grudges go as their world around them is encroached on all side by the empire.

Demography and Population

The land itself is populated with seventy thousand from all forty three tribes in the Great Forest. The major tribes of the land are the Isatwa,Krae,Mohanee,Verux,Tisovo,Cesti,Akali,Garma,Lewa,Dreamer, Hetanka, Urgan and Ori.


Each tribe lives on their on patch of land in order to survive in the forest.


Tribes only consist of Braves, warriors sworn to protect their lands from harm. They vary from village to village and tribe to tribe.

Technological Level

The tribes themselves live in primative societies, with many not even having access to the technologies outside the forest. Most tribes do not even know metallurgy.


The tribes follows the old ways of the forest. Which comprises of ancestral worship and the spirits the inhabit the land around them.

Foreign Relations

Many of the tribes remain isolated from Humans that live outside the Great Forest, but other tend to trade with villages that are close to the forest from time to time.
Geopolitical, Tribe
Alternative Names
Savages, forest folk, tribemen
Formation Type
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
animal furs and food
Legislative Body
the chief
Judicial Body
A tribal council made of elder is in charge the laws of each village and their will is absolute.
Subsidiary Organizations
Great Forest
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths

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