First Battle of Acci

The Conflict


The Citizen’s Alliance prepares for the eventual conflict that will unfold and try to gather as much support to their cause as soon as possible. Alexios Septimius Aurelius learns of this and prepares to arrest the conspirators.


The 9th Legion are the first to arrive to town in search of alliance leaders meeting in the area, several hours later the 6th legion enters the area and both side would get into battle formation. Patricio Tullius Augustanus and Proteus Marius Colias meet in the middle of the field to try and have one another to stand down, but both refuse and return to their legions. Ten minutes later both sides begin the battle.


Fields outside of Acci


Hot summer weather

The Engagement

The 6th would the to make the first move as the right flank begins to march up the hill to meet the enemy. They would meet stiff resistance and quick fall back with sustained casualties. Patricio saw this as an opportunity to whip out the right flank and have all of his troops make chase and attack the enemy in formation in hopes crushing them as quickly as possible to avoid heavy losses. But the right flank was able to return in time and move behind the rest of the formation to rest. The 6th would then extend their line formations in order to avoid being flanked from behind. But thinking them out in the process, making mostly fight in a defensive sheild wall. The entire 9th would clash with the 6th shield wall. Both sides would try and the 9th would have difficulties getting past the 6th’s shield wall with little process. A half an hour had past and the 6th's right flank would be fully rested and would sent into sent in front to relieved the exhausted frontline with fresh troops. Putting them at an advantage against the 9th's already exhausted troops. Patricio was the force to put himself and his veternal bodyguards on the frontline in an attempt to break through enemy lines.   As he was doing this he failed to notice Proteus and his calvary were gone and would have his attention to Tiberius Oppius Opimius who had successfully escaped capture in Acci and joined the frontlines in order rallying the 6th. Believing that he was the ringleader in this insurrection, Patricio strengthen his attack on the shield wall in order to kill him with it slowly starting to weaver as he did. As the line was about to collapse Proteus managed to flank the 9th with his Calvary from behind with the aid of Tiberius as a distraction to give them time to get into position. A fully scale wedge formation charge would successfully be completed as it went right through the exhausted legionaries of the 6th with ease. They would break ranks and route entirely. Proteus want to give chase but Tiberius changed mind by simple saying to him “There has been enough Vatian blood split today.”


9th Legion retreats back to the Vatia and the alliance makes Acci their foothold.


The civil war begins and both sides scrabble for resources and troops.

Historical Significance

Before the Battle

The First Battle of Acci began with Alexios Septimius Aurelius ordered the arrests of Tiberius Oppius Opimius, Publius Nigilius Priscian, Proteus Marius Colias, and Silia Tuditana. He soon got word that they would be in the town of Acci by his Imperious Oculus’s spies. He would send one of his most loyal generals to do the job, Patricio Tullius Augustanus to see these traitors dead. While back in Acci, Tiberius and the rest of the leaders of the Citizen’s Alliance's leaders where making plans to gather force to overthrow Alexios since all negotiations had failed and they believed that he could not be reasoned with, especially after the Night of Daggers. But they soon got word the Alexios was after them, but where force to hid when the heard that the 9th Legion was outside the city. Tiberious would soon send word for Proteus who had not arrived in town yet with the 6th Legion. They would remain hidden in a secret compartment under the Journeyman's Inn for hours on end hoping that they would not be found. Proteus would soon arrive with his men and Patricio would order his men to meet them in the field, giving Tiberius and the other to make their way out of town. As this was happen both generals tried to make one another stand down believe what they where doing was madness. But their duties were far more important to them and they were willing to spill blood for it, even if it meant their own people's blood. seeing that they could not reason with each other the returned to their troops and prepared for battle.  

During the battle

Tiberius Oppius Opimius would soon join the battle after leading the leaders of the alliance to safety and used himself as bait in order to give Proteus time to position his calvary to flank Patricio's forces from behind. Which end in the routing of the 9th Legion and Tiberius beginning inflicted with a minor wound.  

After the Battle

After the fighting was over and the royalists retreated back to the capital, the leaders of the alliance returned to Acci and began making it their base of operations. Thr town people did not mind this though since many of the were affect by Alexios' tyranny with high taxes and mistreatment by government officals. Here they would reamin for months and news of the battle would be heard all across the empire with many who opposes Alexis soon began to take up arms. While back in Vatia Alexios was shock to hear such news and began to call upon all of the loyalists to fight for him. The Civil war had begun.


In the town of Acci a monument stands in the center of town in memory of those who gave their lives in protecting the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the empire. Those who truly believe in the cause of the people often make a pilgrimage the monument to truly grasp the length they are will to make for their cause. It has also make the inhabitants hostile to members of the 9th for bringing misfortune to their ancestors and believing they will bring misfortune to them once again.

In Literature

knowledge of the battle is quite common in the empire with it beginning taught in schools and the strategies shown in military academies to learn from. But the most accurate reports of the battle came from Proteus Marius Colias's journels which he wrote often in during the civil war. Many of which are keep in the Imperial Archive for safe keeping.

Included under Conflict
First Vatian Civil War
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
12:00 am 7/26/1242BCA
Ending Date
2:00 pm 7/26/1242BCA
Conflict Result
Citizen’s Alliance minor victory



4,000 Legionaries 1,000 Caverly
5,000 Legionaries


1,275 Legionares 213 Calvery
3,879 men


Capture the town of Acci and save the leaders of the Citizen's Alliance
Defend the town of Acci from rebels and capture the rebels leaders to stand trial
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