Dancing Madness

Transmission & Vectors

No on knows how it actually starts, but it is highly contagious that other begin to dance as well.


Their are several different theories on how it starts. With the major ones involving dark cults, bad air. possession by spirits or demons and problems with the brain.


Dancing and loss of common sense


Tie down the victim until they stop trying to dance.


If left unchecked the victim will dance to death since they are unable to stop.


Those who survive often have trouble focusing and a fear of dancing.

Affected Groups

Everyone is affected by it

Hosts & Carriers



There is no prevention since it unkown how this even starts to begin with.


Once someone has it, they just start dancing and so do other people around them. It does not matter when and were it happens, since it is unpredictable.


The first time this ever happen was in as small village in 974BCA, were the first people began to dance uncontrollably for days strait and no one could understand why. Soon enough more and more people became infected by it and no one seemed to know what to do. Then the bodies began pile up and people began to round up and tide up to stop them from killing themselves This didn't stop them from trying even when they were tied up or bound to a tree or bed. It would last for a few weeks and it would stop with those infected coming to their senses. Their would a few more outbreaks throughout history, but they would all isolated incidences and very few were killed in them. To find it today would be very rare by todays standards.

Cultural Reception

Most people don’t even realize that it’s the diease in the first place since dancing is a normal thing to do and just carry on with their way. But when more people join in and no one can stop them, well they just try to stop them by holding them down or tying them up.

Affected Species


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