Casting magic

focus is the key

Magic is a complex force in the world and casting it is another story. It requires focus, concentration and discipline to properly use it or it will harm the caster in the process. This means magic should not be cast until they are properly trained in the arcane arts. Once they are properly trained they most use all of their training to properly cast a spell.


There are several steps in order to proper cast a spell.  

  • Focus: It is highly important since one must must be able to picture the spell in their head in order for it to manifest physically.
  • Channeling: The Caster must be able to move the magic through their body to cast the spell through an object or a part of their body.
  • Spell Point: A spot where the magic will come into reality from a certain point of the body of object such as hands, staffs or wands
  • Concentration: The caster most completely concentrated on casting the spell until it is discharged from the body or the caster may suffer damage
  • Price of Magic: A piece of the caster must be given to properly cast the spell, this will often lead to pain, but if properly train the caster will be able to tolerate the pain and the price can be reduced.
  • Magic Word: To fully complete the spell the caster must say the spells name and it will be cast, this can be done in any language
  • Limitations: Only those who are bron with certain types of magics can only cast cute types of spells, trying to cast a different type of spell when you can't will not work.


Cast magic in areas that have more magic in it will greatly increase the spells power, but it requires more control and focus to actually cast and is not done properly it could backfire on the caster. It also matter were you are located such as a desert or a swamp which can strengthen or weaken the magic you are casting.

Metaphysical, Arcane


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