Battle of Altren’s Garrison

The Conflict


After news of the First Battle of Acci is heard in the town of Altren tension rise in the town, more so in its garrison troops stationed there. With the tension becoming so thick you could cut it with a knife. Blood is soon spilt and the city begins to tear itself apart.


Both sides were doing their basic duties when fighting began, with everyone turning on on another and trying to take control of vital parts of the city. With several areas fortified in the name of both sides of the war.


The city of Altren


A cool day with thick fog.

The Engagement

No one really knows who stuck the first blow, but it all started in the mess hall and after that it turned into a fist fight and someone was stabbed in the back. Both sides wear not wearing their armor and just grabbed their weapons and it turn into a blood bath. After that fight was seen throughout the city with both sides tried to regroup as skirmishes began with both side running into each other and killing one another. The fog that enveloped the city that day did not help either since no one could tell who was who and accidentally killed some their fellow brothers in arms while most of them finally regrouped both sides sustained losses. The Royalist forces barricade themselves in the mayor's manor and the alliance forces soon tried to get in and were repelled every time. Then they decided to set it a flame instead in order to flush them out. It eventual worked forcing them to come out and fight them head on and the alliance supporters soon retreated. They would hold up in a temple and make a crude barricade to hold them of. The Royalist shortly broke through and the largest group of the alliance forces were wiped out after several minutes of intense fighting. After a few more battles across the city the alliance supporters were force to flee the city and than the mob take over soon after the fighting is over. Wiping out all the remains Royalist forces in the process.


Much of the towns garrison was wiped out in the ensuing battle and left much of the town defenseless and leading to unrest from alliance supporters among the people and taking control of the town in the name of the alliance. The Royalists would later set fire to the city in order to keep it out of their hands, but only as small amount the city was burnt. They would all. be killed as the mob killed them all one by one leaving no one alive and all other public official would be either dead from the ensuing battles or in hiding until the city was occupied again.


The city would remain in disarray for months with nether side attempting to claim it due massive battles on both sides caused them to look the other way. The Citizen’s Alliance would later capture the city halfway trough the war as the gates were open by supporters and the original supporters would return as well after fighting as Guerrilla Fighters for several months fighting Royalist forces without realizing what happened after they fled the city. They would be rewarded as for their service after the war and many would find themselves in offices in the new government by popular vote.

Historical Significance

Altren was important city to either side of the war since it was only settlement in area to act as a staging area to resupply large amount of troops before heading to the southern territories and its resources. By controlling the city the resources if the south could help his either side in the war and was consider vital to victory. The tension between the Citizen’s Alliance and Imperial Royalists fractured the allegiances of the empire with many who once called one another friends and family turning on one another. Even amongst its own garrison that was sworn to defend the city seemed to be about out to tear each others throats out. Then after news of the First Battle of Acci was heard everyone went into a frenzy. Both sides soon resort to violence as the battle for the city begins and garrison kills one another for control. With pockets of resistance being seen throughout the city. After the just a few hours the fighting officially is over and the alliance supporter have all but left the city and the much of the royalist garrison has sustained heavy losses. The city then begins to turn on one another as the garrison is unable to quell the masses. The guards are all but killed as the streets are filled with blood and parts of the city is set to flame. The city would be lawless for months on end until the Citizen’s Alliance final took control of the city and ensured their control of the south.


Thanks to the garrison's divided loyalties the city fell into compete chaos and criminal elements too took over. Even after that the war ended Altren would become a criminal hotspot as authorities are often brided and criminals have free reign over the city. Giving it the nickname "the city of thieves" since then.

In Literature

Though army of the war actually took part in the battle, Altren became a prime example of what happens when a city is on the edge of chaos in troubled time. Even a book was written about it simple call "On the Edge." But most often fantasize on what really transpired during this lawless period of time with several adventure novels being made about it. It has also shed light on what happens when government is not present in society as well with everyone turning on one another and crime soon taking over. Leaving the greedy and wicked in charge and the weak to fend of themselves.

Included under Conflict
First Vatian Civil War
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
7/28/1242 3:00pm
Ending Date
7/28/1242 7:00pm
Conflict Result
Heavy losses on both side and the city was lost to the mob


Alliance supporters
Royalist Supporter


1.200 men
1,800 men


998 men
832 men


Take the city in the name of the alliance
defend the city from alliance supporters


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