The country right now is being controlled by PrinceArgos a regional governor of the new territory and has absolute power over the region

Public Agenda

Liberate Ardania for imperial rule


Ardania is scarce in resources since the war and many are staving. While militias and resistance cells are stockpiling as many weapons as they and recruiting as many able bodied men and women as fast as they can.


Ardania was originally formed after over three thousand years ago after the marriage between the king of Arda and the queen of Dania and end the seven hundred years of the feudal age of kingdoms created after the collapse of the First Kingdom of Man. Ardania would be an isolated kingdom for most of its history isolated from the rest of the world. The kingdom of course deal with war such as the Alan’s Rebellion, Barbarian Uprising and the Warlock War. But it would last in a state of peace for some time. Though the land would face rough times under the reign of king Silas, also know as the “bastard” for all the damaged he caused during his reign. After his death the land was in disarray and the Vatian Empire soon declared war. Starting the Vatian-Ardanian War His son Martian VIII tried his best to drive the empire out, but after four years the kingdom fell. Martian and the rest of the royal family were executed as criminals of the empire, ending the royal bloodline of the Ardania. Four years have past since then and the land is termoil and the empire take advantage of the people and it resources. There is still hope though since many people are still wanting to fight for their freedom and another conflict is still on the Horizen. But the question is how long will they be able to hold out.

Demography and Population

Their are at least three million people in to region with it ever dropping due to conflict and famine


Ardania spans the entire south of the continent and ends at the Great Forest


Militia and military remnants

Technological Level

They are quite advance in some technologies surpassing weapons, armor, architecture that even the Vatian Empire has not mastered


The The Spirit and Flame was originally founded in Ardania several centuries before the unification of the lands around it. At one time their faith was unshakable with no doubt. But as time passed many people that came from across the land started to Aalter the region to their specifications in order to respect the way of their ancestors before coming here. It is most looked down upon at one point but tolerance is always the best way in keep order in a nation.

Foreign Relations

Ardania is considered to have open hostilities with the Vatian Empire.

Agriculture & Industry

Farmland is what most of Ardania is made up of with most farmers living in almost every settlement, with grain being their most common crop among several others, such as carrots, cabbages, onions, wheat and more. The second largest industry would be in lumber with lumberjack living near the Great Forest tend to make their living.


The education system in Ardania is practically non existent due to the fact that the people would rather be working to make their living and survive. The only education that anyone every receives are the nobles who tend to educate their children the history and politics of the land. Any other education tends to come the parents and their current occupation and teaching their children the ropes of the family business.

Honor and Loyalty go hand in hand

Founding Date
843 BCA
Geopolitical, Province
Alternative Names
The Kingdom of Ardania
Argos Antony Aurelius
Head of State
Argos Antony Aurelius
Head of Government
Argos Antony Aurelius
Government System
Power Structure
Provisional government
Economic System
Mixed economy
Imperial crowns
Legislative Body
Imperial senate
Judicial Body
Imperial court
Continent of Kinath
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Related Ethnicities


Ardania and the Empire were once trade partners and never at war with one another in their complete history together. Many in Ardania are still shocked that this happened in the first place.

Cover image: Medieval city by Jung yeoll Kim


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