Chief known as Father Wolf or Mother Wolf with elders

Public Agenda

Watch over those who would do harm and strike when the moment comes.


Wolves, three thousand braves.


The tribe of the Akali have always watched over the land and its people from the shadows, watch events as time goes by. They are also the stealthiest of the Braves being able to get up close without being noticed by the most observant of opponents. Much of their tactics are that of wolves, always patient, hunting in numbers, and always attack when the enemy leasts expect it. They have also know to train wolves as guard dogs and distractions. When ever they strike they do it fast and hard and vanish as quickly as they came. When ever they enemy tries to look for them the only thing they can find are wolf tracks. Making some tribes accusing them of being Skin Walkers. During the Forest war they were the most lethal forces behind enemy lines, especially at night. Making the enemy paranoid of what might happen if took another step in the forest. The Norrians didn't even want to step foot in their land when they saw how dark it was in their and the howling of wolves didn't want help either. Since then they have been the watchers of the forest and observing all around them to seen what action they might take if war is on the horizon.

Demography and Population

Five thousand tribesmen.


Their ancestral land is in the very heart of the forest where the very trees block most of the sunlight making it a land of darkness.


The Braves follow the habits of wolves to give them an advantage. They work together like a pack striking the most vulnerable positions of a target strikng fast and hard to make the kill. They tend to be more ferocious when an enemy is deeper into their land, especially the women who make fight along them to protect their children. Wolves are also used to cause havoc to small groups of enemies. Many of them wear wolf skins not, but not from ones they hunted, istead they are the skins of their wolf companions the passed on as a sign of remembrance of their trusted companions.

Technological Level



They follow the spirit of the wolf, who gives patience, strength, and loyalty.

Foreign Relations

They rather watch and observe and will take action when necessary.

Strike when the time is right

Geopolitical, Tribe
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furs, meat
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Forest Tribes of Ve’tal
Great Forest
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