A Journey into Darkness


To record the findings of the Dark Contient and study them later

Historical Details


This document dates back to when the Paranth Sultanate ruled the Jantani Desert and were desperate to find new lands to house and feed its people. Many ships were sent out and many did not return, those how did came back with nothing. All except one lead by the explorer Ahlan Juroza Vazem and he would return with the news of the a new continent he called Calestra ready to be colonized and this would bring forth an age of exploration and colonization for centuries to come by the sultanate.


According to records by Ahlan Juroza Vazem he spent a year on the Dark Continent surveying the land and gather records and specimens to bring back to the sultanate a proof of his findings.

Public Reaction

Many people found hope by his writing when they were finally published and were excited to journey to this new land to start a new life.


The designs and writing are consider historical by the people of the Jantani and are keep in good condition

Journal, Personal
Authoring Date
1529 BCA


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