The Rising Dark

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In a world very much like our own, only a little darker, things really do go bump in the night.   Various cities around the world seem be focuses of supernatural energies that draw or create monsters in their midst. Whether an electrically-animated undead in Orlando, a Wendigo in Detroit or a semi-sentient cursed mask in New Orleans, the number of these incidents is on the rise, and it is up to the Hunters to stop them.   Whether members of the Department of Homeland Security Paranormal Investigation Group (DHS-PIG), serving a secretive order of the occult, or acting on their own, these are the stories of those who have brushed up against this mostly-hidden world, came away changed for the experience, and are now trying to fight back the darkness that seems to be rising around them.   Note that since many of the locations in this world are real places, many of their entries are Wikipedia pages that have been edited here and there to reflect the narrative reality rather than the actual one.