The Brotherhood of the Gray

Founded in the 10th century with permission of the Red Empire, the Brotherhood of the Grey was a monastic order dedicated to the idea that all gods matter. In fact, the expressed a rather agnostic or unitarian view of the gods. They were extreamly neutral about good versus evil. Grey monks respected all gods/goddesses/divine beings, and believed that each one deserved the worship of their followers. In response, many of the established orders of major deities, good and evil, eyed them with suspicion and treated them with contempt. However, Those who follwed minor gods, especially those who could not afford to support a dedicated priest or build a dedicated temple, found a welcome resource in the grey monks.   The grey monks offered their services in exchange for "donations" (gold is very well recieved, thankyou). An adherant of a diety could purchase, say an hour of the monk's time to perform a daily ritual in the name of the purchaser's god/goddess/divine being. Another popular service was a daily prayer to be offered on the client's behalf to their chosen god/goddess/divine being. Any and rituals and events that might take place in the diety's temple could be performed or held at the monestary, with the appropriate "donation" of course.   The order flourished under the Red Empire, and even survived the death of the Empiror, Fornradur Infernospit. Though they became less popular in the decades following the establishment of the Free Cities, they were nothing if not keen to adapt to new circumstances. Thus it became a great mystery when the monestary was suddenly sealed in 1425. As far as anyone knows, the abbot himself ordered a quarintine, sealing the gates of the monestary. Since that time no one has exited the Monestary of the Gray Monks. Every decade or so, some foolhardy soul has entered to investigate the mystery, but to date none have exited to tell their tale.

All gods/goddesses/divine beings matter

1095 - 1425

Religious, Monastic Order
Alternative Names
Gray Monks
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