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Before I get started, I'd like to thank EVERYONE who participated in Summer Camp. I got so much content written during July, and it was all because of the prompts AND the quality of the articles submitted. The group spirit energized me, and I was so motivated to just dive in and do my best. Made Copper this year, but look out 2023; I'm going for Silver next summer!


At first, I thought I'd read EVERY entry to a catagory and select three... Ha Ha Ha. nope. So how to choose which to read?


First prompt: "Somewhere in your setting, describe a material only harvestable from nature" (A total of 422 entries)


In the latest taxonimy of RPG players, I am primarily a simulationist, with a fondness for story. So I am looking for entries that give a detailed description of the material itself, and how/ where it is gathered and processed. I like a good cultural uses, but I really want to "see" that raw material.

Material | Jul 5, 2022

Why I chose this article I've been facinated with geology lately, (thus my grytack blue agate article) so I'd like to find one article on a rock or gem.

What inspires me I enjoy the thought that went into connecting the geological details and how the stone interacts with magic. I've been toying with similar ideas, and it's encouraging to see someone else thinking along those lines.

Cleaver Seeds
Material | Jan 27, 2023

Why... I am also a sucker for good fieldnotes on flora - so one on a botanical material.

Inspiration... This is an imaginitive use of a humble plant most would pass over as not very interesting. I am inspired to look more closely at the flora in my region! How could something very humble and common be used to create a small but potentially game-changing item?

Dwarven Brass Dye
Material | Dec 31, 2022

Why... Finally, I chose one for "story". Which article drew me strongly into the author's world?

Inspiration... The cultural notes and "quotes" are fantastic. I would like to be more immersive in my descriptions of cultural practices and ethnicities! Generally I write in a very "non-fiction" style, it's my comfort zone. I am inspired to "show" cultural ideals instead of a dry "telling".  

Second prompt: "Somewhere in your setting, describe a profession associated with leaders in your world" (A total of 264 entries)


This prompt really stumped me, maybe for lack of boundries? Possibly because, being a rather chaotic person, I rarely accept someone as a leader based on their profession. So I'm literally just trolling for ideas here.

Kātal Kārd
Profession | Jul 11, 2022

Why... Institutional necromancy! I love it! State sponcered, church sanctioned, and respected!

Inspiration... I really like the idea of the rivalry between these "academic research" priests and university based academics. I wonder how the general population feels about the university types. It sounds like the priests are making aneffort to share their knowledge. So much storytelling potential than just a lone evil necromancer in a tower somewhere...

Song Walker
Profession | Dec 5, 2022

Why... An orcish leader NOT defined by bloodthirst? Facinating.

Inspiration... Orcs are not often the subject of lore development, and I find this description of a tribal leader inspiring me to think more carefully about orcish culture.

Glasscrafter, Bolkhyn
Profession | Jul 31, 2022

A renowned profession in the region of Bolkan, especially in Kamigon, where the glasscrafters' guild dominates the trades.

Why... I just love crafting. Shout out for Stardew Vally.

Inspiration... Including a known leader from this profession is a great detail. I enjoyed the cultural detail here. Effects on the politics and power structures of the area. I am challenged to think more deeply about these things while worldbuilding.


Third prompt: "Somewhere in your setting, describe a travel log or other document associated with discovery." (A total of 253 entries)

This was actually one of my favorite prompts, and I wrote a document that I am WAY too familiar with - the introduction to a techincal journal article. I wondered what other sort of documents were created.

Evil Scientist's Lab Book
Document | Jan 2, 2023

Sentient cells experiments are annoying to deal with: endless contamination, cells unhappy at not being next to their friend and killing themselves out of spite, lab assistant not working properly, damn Dark Lord not giving me enough test subjects...

Why... OMG this was right up my alley, I was laughing so hard. This is why I stuck with chemistry; microbiology is just too ... finiky! But his piece is a perfect example of what a lab journal could look like. The hand drawn diagrams, tables and illustrations are so satisfying to my little scientist's soul!

Inspiration... I am reminded to HAVE FUN! Write articles that make you grin maniacally every time you think about them!

The Grand Cartographic Journal
Document | Jul 31, 2022

Why... This artical stood out to me because of the way the fiction in the intro drew me in to care about the following exposition. I enjoyed peeking into the world through the exerpts from the document, and the description of how it is used.

Inspiration... Change up my writing style frequently. Dialogue and a very short story can draw readers into caring about the nitty gritty!

The Dungeon Crawlers Guide to Disastrous Adventure
Document | Jul 30, 2022

Why... Such a short piece, and yet so effective! Using reverse psychology on your PCs. I love me some playing with PCs little squish brains!

Inspiration... As I am also worldbuilding primarily to create an RPG campaign setting, I found this article to be an interesting and entertaining way to frame information for PCs. I will probably steal it. :)


Near-term Goals for The Ring of Fire and Dragons.

After the mind-dump of July, I need to spend some time properly linking articles and completing at least a paragraph on stubs that were created. As for new content... SOOO many ideas from other's writing. Stone giants need a kingdom developed in the mountain peaks, also a glacier ecosystem for their wolly rhinos. Orcs need a tribal structure and a history vis a vie their conflict with the giants. There are at least three cities within striking distance of my primary town that need to be developed... Ah so much work to do. But I'm still having fun!


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