Monastery of the Gray Monks

What happened in that old monestary nearly 70 years ago?

Authorities estimate that nearly 200 people perished in the disaster. What really happened there? Were there any survivors? Why do investigators enter, but are never heard from again?

Two documents, discovered among the property record files at the Vantage City Records of land ownership, may shed some light on The Mystery of the Gray.


Document #1

An adverisment which had been sent round to the religious communities in Vantage and other nearby towns.

The Brotherhood of the Gray Monks are proud to Announce the First Annual Small Gods Ecumenical Convention and Trade Show!

Join Us for a week of

  • INSPIRING Speakers!
  • ENLIGHTENING round table discussions!
  • BLESSINGS of Food and Fellowship!
  • BOUNTIFUL varieties of specialty items for all faiths at UNBEATABLE prices!

Don't wait!



Document #2

The last known communication received from within the monastery: a letter delivered to the city council in Vantage.

Esteemed sirs and madams,

Until further notice, by my authority as Abbot, I am sealing the gates of the Gray Monastery. Our Healer and apothecary, Brother Leech, has confirmed an outbreak of the Cackles. The source of our troubles is unknown at this time, but everyone agrees that the initial victims were perfectly healthy upon arrival. Therefore, I believe it is in the best interest of the entire territory that we take all precautions to prevent the spread of this highly contagious and deadly affliction.


As you probably are aware, at this time we are also hosting a fair number of your citizens, among them many representatives of the lesser gods, as well as merchants specializing in relevant merchandise. Be assured that they were consulted in this decision, and overall agree with the extreme measure of complete quarantine. We will, of course, treat them all as esteemed guests, and see to every comfort.


Brother Leech estimates that we will need to maintain the quarantine for about another week - at least five days after the last case. Fortunately, this should not be a problem, as we had expected the entire conference to last nearly a week, so regarding provisions, we are well supplied. Our kitchen staff have a horror of a scantily laid table, so they always over-purchase anyway.


I look forward to seeing you all, later this year at the summer solstice revels.

In Him/Her/It,
Abbot Platinum, Most Equal brother of the Gray.
Signed by myself, 26th of Floodsebb, 1425 CE
As of the printing of this edition, The fate of the monks and their guests can only be speculated upon. Over the decades, some individuals have passed into the monastery grounds to investigate, but none have been known to return. The location is remote and not particularily desirable, so the Territory powers have allowed it to remain abandoned.
Why have the ruins persisted?

Overall, the location of the monestary - a small canyon in the mountains - provides quite a lot of security, as it can only be approaced from one direction. Established not long after the Orc wars, the monestary is protected by a curtain wall, complete with towers and gatehouse, that span the mouth of the canyon.

1425 CE

Founding Date
1097 CE
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For more about the cackles
Cackle Fever
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The Journal of Abbot Platinum, Brother of the Gray Found by adventurers in 1492.

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