Elven Poetry

Do you want to live forever?   In the springtime, when the world was new
I laughed in the gentle rains.
And gathered wild blooms to my breast
and carried them back to my home.
But the fair flowers wilted and soon lost their glow
and their fragrance was lost to the wind.
I'll ne'r see again such wild, joyful folk,
lost as the years pass me by.   In the summer, when the world grew tall
I danced in the sunlit groves.
My heart open to soul-mate friendship,
I gave them all rings from my home.
But the hands holding mine soon left for the dark
and their voices where lost to the wind.
I'll ne're hold such kindred souls again,
lost as the years pass me by.
  In the autumn, when the world brought forth fruit
I sang by the bonfire's glow.
Joining the chorus of many merry folk
Weaving the tales of many friends, keeping their memories true.
But the light of the fire soon faded,
and my words were all lost to the wind.
I'll ne're recount such tales again,
lost as the years pass me by.
  In the winter, now my world slips away
I rest as the snow drifts my door.
No laughter, dance, or song; I am silent and still.
Age clouds my sight; loss wounds my heart.
My loves, 'pon the western shore we’ll meet (an' so mote it be).
And find our souls rejoined.
But now, 'lone and mourning, I know ‘tis me
lost to the years passing by.
In Makasing, the elves adopted the name, "Can'otial." For more on that story, see: Can'otial
This is a translated rendition of an Elven song responding to the oft asked question, "what it's like to have such a long life."   For a different version, see Seasons


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10 Sep, 2022 23:40

I love it!

Eternal Sage Wordigirl
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10 Sep, 2022 23:53

The sorrows of outliving everyone were conveyed sweetly through your words. God bless and thanks for sharing this poem. <3

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