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the Rift

The Rift is an asteroid field that splits the universe in half. Known by many names, such as Hell's Gate and the Passage to Elsewhere, the Rift is considered the most formidable obstacle in the universe. First discovered by Siphon explorers in Year 27590 and first successfully traversed in Year 31029.   The Rift is thought to be the place of the Star Convergence, the great battle of Éabha and Drust. During the Star Convergence, Éabha and Drust battled for control of the universe. The battle ended in a stalemate, but the devastation that was left separated the two deities homeworlds' from each other. The Rift is also thought to be the birthplace of Aisling. Aisling sprung forth from the broken hearts of the stars of the Star Convergence and remained hidden in the ruins. It is rumored that the world, Volara, is hidden deep in the unexplored regions of the Rift, hiding in the ruins just as its creator Aisling.   In the modern era, the Rift still poses a formidable obstacle for space travel and commerce. Several passages through the Rift have been forged. There are two passages that have been cleared and maintained for cargo starships. Several other smaller passages are maintained for passenger starships. In what is considered the center of the Rift sits the World Ship. The World Ship is a menagerie of starships docked together around the Skidbladnir, the starship thought to belong to Aisling. Many of the ships are permanently docked together, while many ships are only temporarily docked as they pass through the Rift.


The Rift is located in deep space between the planets of Cressida and Janus. Space debris and pieces of rock are held in this region making navigation difficult to near impossible. While Cressida and Janus are the nearest planets, it will still take hours of travel to reach either planet on either side of the Rift. Access to the Gates can decrease the amount of time between the Rift and the planets, but this form of travel, though the safest mode of transport through the Rift, is expensive and access is highly controlled.    Untrained and inexperienced pilots are not allowed to operate Starships in the Rift. Flying through the Rift is extremely dangerous and an experienced Starship flight crew should be hired for passages. The large asteroids have chartable and predictable paths while the smaller debris are not and can pose a challenge even for the most experienced Rift pilot.     The Rift begins and ends on the edge of Cressan and Janus space territory. This is the shortest distance that has been traversed through the Rift. The farthest edges have not yet been reached. All that set out to find the ends of the Rift are never seen again. The space between Cressida and Janus is the most traveled and most mapped out section. A number of passages through the Rift have been maintained. Two passages are dedicated as cargo and only cargo ships are allowed. There are three other passages; one direct passenger line from Janus to Cressida, one direct passenger line from Cressida to Janus, and one passage for private starships. All of the passenger passages have access to World Ship.    The dead space in the center of the Rift is where the Skidbladnir, the World Ship, resides. The World Ship is a menagerie of starships all docked together to create a large city in space. Officially classified as a space station, the World Ship serves as an information center, refueling station, medical center, tourist location, science center, and religious site.

Localized Phenomena

Some say that Star Dust can be seen floating through space.   Unexplainable events are known to happen within the Rift. Starship instruments failure, hallucinations, and cargo going missing while in transit are common reports.


First discovered by Siphon explorers in Year 27590 and first successfully traversed in Year 31029.   Commercial space flight begins in Year 66000 causing the Rift to become a sought-after location, both for commerce and tourism.


The World Ship is a popular (and the only) tourist attraction. The World Ship offers a resting place on the journey through the Rift as well as some unique opportunities and experiences. Visitors are able to partake in scientific experiments, try foods from around the universe, meet and learn from diverse peoples, and experience life on an isolated space station.
Alternative Name(s)
Hell's Gate, Passage to Elsewhere
Asteroid belt
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Included Locations
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29 Aug, 2021 18:17

Ooh, the World Ship sounds like a cool place to go to! Although, if some disease broke out on such an isolated space station, things would go south very, very fast, i feel. :O

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The World Ship is one of my favorite places in this world. I'm (slowly) working on an article for it. Oh, yes it would *insert evil laugh* I cannot focus on just one story so I've got ideas about a short story on the World Ship that involves something like that.

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