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The Nightmare Weaver

The Nightmare Weaver originates from the world Xyn by Akiyas.
In the era after discovery, Aten, then known as Earth, began to weaken. The natural cycles of the planet became disrupted and the flora and fauna began to suffer. Many species began to die out. The people of Aten were split in how to respond. The economy was flourishing. Luxury was the average. People did not experience need. But the methods that led to this life of luxury were also killing the planet. By Year 70,000, the surface of Aten is deserted. Many animals and plants had perished. Only a few were able to adapt. The people moved from their sprawling cities to underground compounds. Disease, hunger, and suffering became the norm. But there was still time to change and save the planet.   On one fateful day, the skies of Aten flashed a deep violet. Shades of purple inked through the sky as the planet was shifted in its orbit. A young woman fell from the skies to the earth. She became known as the Nightmare Weaver. From this point on, what life was left on Aten began fading with no chance of change. Aten officially crossed the point of no return. The planet Aten died on that day.    
"The day the planet's heart was ripped open. A girl fell from the heavens as our world was ripped apart by time itself. The Nightmare Weaver. Everything here in that moment ceased to exist yet still existed. Time briefly forgot about Aten...or Earth as it was known then. The people that walked away from this crater on that day, were not the same people that saw the heavens rip apart. The Nightmare Weaver wove the fabric of time into a living nightmare. Death and destruction all around yet at the same time, the world unchanging. From that day on, we were not the same."                                     --Jevron Sloan
“You will come to understand your name on this planet. Your story is woven into our hearts. You are our paradox. We have prepared for you to arrive, yet when you come, everything in this moment ceases to exist. But because a moment is fleeting, everything continues to exist. Time has forgotten my people, and because you are time, you too have forgotten my people.”                                     --Qrow, Clairvoyant of the Myriad
Date of First Recording
Around 70,042
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Author's Notes

This is where the worlds of The Rift and Xyn converge. The worlds exist separately in their own universes and on separate timelines but cross into each other at various points during the duration of each story.

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