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Crrssida is the largest planet in the universe. Cressida is a world of large sprawling cities filled with people from all over. It is a diverse planet full of cultures and people.    Cressida is the Angel homework and the adopted homeworld to a sect of Saeris who left Janus ten millennia ago. They see themselves as a seperate race and do not agree with the actions of Janus. They actively fight Janus advances and help those feeling from colonized worlds resettle either on Cressida or in places on Thule.


The entire planet is rolling hills with large bodies of water. Large sprawling cities filled with skyscrapers dot the landscape. The northern half of the planet is less populated and remains rolling hills.

Fauna & Flora

Large and small creatures live in the northern plains far away from the cities.


Cressida sees thousands of tourists each day. Tourists flock to see the large and expansive cities and to see the winged Angels glide through the cities.
Alternative Name(s)
City of Cities
Inhabiting Species

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