Blackpowder is a fine black powder utilized in the world of Rifle Mage. Unlike our own black powder, Black powder in Rifle Mage can absorb magic from mages and hold it, rather than having it disapate like pure metal does. Because of this, magic bullets are seen as a necessity for most modern armies and has led to the creation of rifle mages.


Material Characteristics

Blackpowder is a shiny, dark gray grainy powder that has no real smell but has been known to taste bitter.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Black powder is considered to be the world's oldest chemical explosive. Black powder does not detonate, but rather it burns quickly, creating a useful and unequal propellent. This is why Black powder is extremely useful in guns, as it does not create a shock that would shatter the gun.


Black powder is a granular mixture of three components:  
  • a nitrate, typically potassium nitrate.
  • charcoal, which provides carbon and other fuels for the reation.
  • sulfur which, while also serves as a fuel, lowers the temperature required to ignite, thereby increasing rate of combustion.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Uses in Azora

Originally, blackpowder was created to help in the production of mining. The blackpowder was placed in small canteens and used as explosives to clear hard, impassable stone. During festive seasons, blackpowder was used in the creation of fireworks.   In recent years though, the nations of Azora have begun to realize the magic-absorbing properties of gunpowder. While metal is key in the conductive of thaumaturgical energies, gunpowder holds onto the energies longer without much dissapation. This has led to the creation of numerous powder mills and steel mills across Azora, and creating an industrial revolution over the continent.  

Uses in Desh

No real notable odor
Bitter, saltiness
1.7 g/cm³
Common State
Related Species
Related Technologies


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