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session 6: the great arkensaw escape Report

General Summary

after a long and laborious fight with the bone naga Xaxat, the players become victorious in their battles. after battling, the players stop to look at their surroundings finding the sacrificial temple and its blade were atop it layed. after some long waiting and inspecting the players decide to travel the rest of the day and set up camp. in the night they players encounter a man named atuar in which he asked the players for their help. the players being hospitable accept to help atuar and offer him a place to rest for the night. in the night silo notices that atuar is gone and in surprise, he awakens Duncan to only be put asleep along with Duncan. in the morning they find the tracks of an oni and their now missing companion Aaron. facing the reality of the jungle they let Aaron face his demise. understanding that Aaron is most probably dead the party decides to travel towards their destination. in their travels scot and Gilbert meeting a familiar face realise its sana a old handling woman who had escaped arkensaw long ago and since her group met their demise she had no where else to go. so she decided to stay in the jungle and hone her druid skills. in this confrontation saga reveals to scot that she has been having the dreams as well, and shows scot the mark of a possessed one. after saying goodbye the party continues their day to only start to hear horrible gut wrenching wailing screams ahead.

Rewards Granted

  • gave Joe a sword of life stealing
  • gave will x2 gems worth 50GP
  • gave oleksiy a magical bracer (Xaxats bracer. yuan-ti artefact) worth 60GP.
  • Missions/Quests Completed

    1 and a quarter left of travel towards their destination of dingos shack to escape.

    Character(s) interacted with

  • Ra Sala Snsi: told Duncan what the bracer was for that it holds the creature under the command of the master that put it on (curses them for eternity).
  • told scot what the sacrificial blade was ( it was a sword of life stealing) + Ra offered that he could hold it for scot but he denied.
  • wesh-tek: - nothing significant but the player offered that if they took him back to his daughter Azuil ,he would have to join the party.   Sana wendo: - told the players that dengos shack is not too far from here.
  • told scot the she has the dreams just like him, showing the mark of the possessed one.
  • Atuar Bardakci (the oni): - told the players his group was attacked by a displacer beast and he is the only one left.
  • asked the players for help so he could get inside their compound
  • -he got inside the compound and in the night kidnaped Aaron.
  • he told the players that he is from hillvost
  • he told the players that Torrent is filled with treasures and artefact and many explorers go out to find them.
  • Created Content

  • sana having the same dreams as scot and having the mark of a possessed one
  • an oni named atuar.
  • Campaign
    the return of the two spheres
    Report Date
    18 Sep 2019
    Primary Location

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