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session 5: the great arkensaw escape Report

General Summary

after tracking down west-tek and ra'sala Snsi they find them pushed against a cliff side were they are faced with a hostage situation. in the hostage situation silo has snuck up from the side and prepared for his assault, whilst flint aimed his firearm for a disarming shot. in a quick shot of flints gun and a running tackle from silo west-tek is freed and ra is pined swearing in anger. with hostilities ended, the group decides to set up camp for the night. thames locking himself in with ra, he decides to broker a deal with ra, thames offering ra's freedom for cooperation and navigation towards their destination of dengos shack. in the morning when the players awaken, they decide to start their travels into the jungle. upon travelling they arrive upon Xaxats temple where mat decides to pass but is seen by Xaxat starting combat.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

they are 2 and a half days in from their destination of dengos shack.

Character(s) interacted with

information is given out by Ra'sala Snsi to Thames and anyone who speaks draconic:  

  • he told them the bone naga's name Xaxat and that he serves Zhukolu and his people.
  • Thames offered the deal that he would set Ra free if he led the party out of the jungle \
  • he told them that this temple used to belong to the yuan-ti but when the skinning of the snake occurred the temple was abandoned.
  • Ra showed signs to josh that he was acting like he followed Zhukolu
  • he told the players that he serves someone called Zhukolu and that he sees him as a god ( but he really is not)
  • he told them "if Zhukolu unites the houses he will have dominion" + " there are many more of the yuan-ti clan on this island.
  • the promise wesh-tek made to Thames is "he will join the party crew if they get him back to port kitawaki so he can see his daughter Azuil again. (this is because he is an experienced captin)    
  • wesh-tek was cut with Razorvine now josh knows what its is
  • Created Content

  • Ra'sala Snsi hatred for Zhukolu because he destroyed his clan and forced him and his people to join under Zhukolu's rule.
  • go in more depth with the characters Ra'sala Snsi and Wesh-tek Ongolo
  • Campaign
    the return of the two spheres
    Report Date
    11 Sep 2019
    Primary Location

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