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session 2: the great arkensaw escape Report

General Summary

after some travelling and carrying the wounded Liam. the players decide to make camp when Aaron had gone missing (Aaron got captured by the yuan-ti slavers). they are attacked by a group of yuan-ti. stalking in the shadows beyond the battle will find the party and watches them stealing a bit of cash from oleksiys bag. after long fighting against the cultists, the party is looking to be victorious, so the leader of the yuan-ti hunting party decides to flee. with this is the party decides to finish the job and hunt down the leader and in doing so they find the yuan-ti slave campsite where the party slaughters the remaining yuan-ti except for one who had fleed. upon looking around the camp they see Aaron and a shaggy man named wesh-tek in a cage where the yuan-ti kept their slaves and sacrifices.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

they have not travelled much and have only progressed 1 day towards the destination of dengos shack

Character(s) interacted with

  • the party interacted with a cornered yuan-ti slaver who caused their names saying "once zhukolu rises he will have your heads".
  • the party had made the last yuan-ti surrender saying "I have failed you, master".
  • Created Content

    -the yuan-ti slavers camp -

    the return of the two spheres
    Report Date
    03 Sep 2019
    Primary Location

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