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port kitawaki

the capital of torrent is the largest and well-known trading hub of the world. many ships come in and out every day with various new goods produced from many of the other settlements. the city is bustling with people from all over coming to trade or to adventure into the jungle to find many of its unknown. the people who run the city and Torrent itself is the 7 merchant princes which are apart of an organization called the republic of Torrent. these merchant princes are Ekene-Afa, Ifan Talro'a, Jessamine, Jobal, Kwayothe, Wakanga Otamu, and Zhanthi. together these merchant princes play a role in running the country and the city. as the republic of torrent being a mercantile power the capital of port, kitawaki is a place for business which draws in many people worldwide some even settling down wich over the years the population has grown to 1 million people.


in port kitawaki there are 2 main districts outer wall and inner wall. in the outer wall, most of the area is slums and filled with pickpockets and thieves and is usually referred to as the beggers palace, what it is also known for is its black market where they sell stolen goods for much cheaper but not as good quality so could risk breaking. the next district is the inner wall where it has 3 sub-districts which includes: the harbor ward an area of the inner wall where ships come in to drop off their goods to the merchant princes establishments where they then are sent off internationally to the world. in addition its an area for foreigners to arrive in port and do trade or find jobs. The Market ward: which is where most of port kitawaki's regular shops are located and where most of its tradesfolk, merchants, and other middle-class residents live and work. The Merchants ward: which is an area that takes half of the city because of its grand souk (market).many of the merchant princes ' villas are their wich makes a great business for smaller merchants in the sub-district. in general, this is the upper-class section of the city. the majority of the city's merchants and traders actually live and work in the market ward.


the government that runs port kitawaki is the republic of torrent which consists of 7 merchant princes that run the country. their ways of keeping the economy booming and the city alive is mainly trading as Torrent has a lot of valuable resources and goods that are exported to other countries by the merchant princes. by trading Torrent racks in large amounts of money so taxation is only a minor problem. how the merchant princes collect these valuable resources and goods is by there producers from the other smaller settlements. each settlement has a baron who owns the land which farmers/miners/craftsmenproduce products. apart of the farmer's/miners/craftsmen agreement to live on the land is that they have to give up a portion of their produce to the baron as tax. upon receiving the total stock at the end of the month the baron sends the goods to port kitawaki and thus is how the merchant princes get their products. however, as compensation for the barons produce the baron is awarded money from the princes that is then distributed amongst the settlers that have jobs. but to keep the baron from exploiting the system by not sharing the money with the settlers the republic sends special watchers (spys) to watch the barons in secret and if exploiting is caught by the watchers they send a message to the republic detailing the events. once decided the princes send in a replacement baron and order will be restored.


the defenses of port kittiwake include thick and high walls that face the jungle connected to towers with ballista mounted on top. large portcullis (big gate that drops) near the entrance of the harbor used to stop boats from entering or exiting, it also has the power to cut ships right in half. near the entrance of the harbor, are two towers on either side mounted with two trebuchets. on the outside of the wall, the poorer areas are protected with Palisades(crossed spikes) lined across the edge of the slums. placed at the entrance of the city of the jungle side is a portcullis. in addition to the very protected port kitawaki, fort bravo protects the port even further by using it many accurate high precision trebuchets that can pinpoint direct targets and send volleys of stones at enemy ships.


the industry and trade of port kitawaki is the lifeblood of the city as it is what provides the most income to the country. what majority of the inhabitance do for a living in the city is mainly working as merchants selling their wares and crafting their goods, however, majority of these goods are mainly produced in the many settlements some smaller merchants do produce their own wares so the industry of the port is quite good. however, what port kitawaki is most famous for is their trade as exporters and importers of many fine goods from the country.


the infrastructures that have been built include shipyards (to build ships), market wards, merchant wards, trash dump ( in the outer wall), city streets, the royal bank, temples to the gods of good, harbor wards, taverns, inns, slums, behemoth pens, barracks, prisons, lighthouse, warehouse districts, fish markets, grand coliseum, public bathhouses.     names of establishments: the thundering lizard (inn/tavern), meriposas retreat (inn/tavern),


the assets of port kitawaki include their navy and military, stores of foods produced by the settlements, the royal bank which holds all the collective funds and documents of the country, barracks which have weapons and equipment for soldiers, an armada of warships, large rainwater stores, warehouses filled with goods and resources,

Guilds and Factions

Factions and Guilds of port Kitawaki

  1. the worshipers of good: is a well-known group seen all throughout most of Velious in temples or established preaching groups. in port kitawaki, they have built a temple dedicated to the goods of good, which are the selected group of gods who show goodness to the world in there many different ideals. the gods of good include: Bahamut, Moradin, Pelor, Avandra, Corellon Larethian, and Sehanine Moonbow. these gods that have been placed in this grouping were chosen by the founding people of the worshipers of good who hoped to build a place where all good gods can be worshiped in harmony.   2. The jungle fox: is a thieves guild built-in the outer wall slums of port kitawaki. they are the owners of the black market who sell illegal and stolen goods for a cheaper price. there is no leader of this organization but the thieves all work towards a common goal and that's sealing. most of the time if you travel down into these establishments many shops are put up selling their wares of such stolen goods and almost always besides these shops are the foxs or the guilds guards who protect the illegal trade and are sworn to protect the people of the slums.   3. the republic of torrent: information can be found in this URL ----->     4. the way : which is an adventuring guild mostly located in taverns and inns are a group of people who give adventures help with their quests and give them quests. most of their contracts are located on boards, with the additional hire for guides posted on there as well. the reason for the forming of this guild in port kitawaki is due to its influx of adventurers who seek glory and gold, and with this influx gave a great opportunity for business in taverns and inns.


upon the year of building in Torrent, port kitawaki was constructed to be one of the first major cities in Torrent at the time. at first, the port wasn't as wealthy as it was to the current day and produced many of its own products and resources which made the ability of mass trade hard to do, so after the third generation of merchant princes they decided to set up more settlements with the idea of producing more products to start mass trade. and just over 2 years the trade was booming.


the architecture of port kitawaki is mainly that of Arabin architecture using sandstone and brimstone and fine woods to build many of the structures in the port.


the geographical location of port kitawaki is ls located off the edge of the coast where it faces the seas surrounding Torrent

Natural Resources

the natural resources of this location include jungle woods, stony earth, dinosaur heads, fish, rare plants, and freshwater upriver.

Alternative Name(s)
The capital of Torrent
1 million people
Inhabitant Demonym
Included Locations
Owning Organization
the republic of torrent

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