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Jessamine is the 3rd merchant prince of port kitawaki, she and the other six rule over torrent in as a mercantile power. she trades in plants, poisons, and assassins. like most merchant princes she sells her wares internationally. Murder is illegal in Torrent, as it is almost everywhere, but Jessamine has a monopoly on “sanctions”—writs that allow a killing by ordained methods (usually poison or stabbing with a blade). For an added fee, her agents will carry out the assassination, with results guaranteed. Poison is her specialty, and she has a vast personal collection. in addition Twelve years ago, Jessamine had a brief but torrid love affair with a marken sea captain. The “fruit” of that affair is a shy daughter named Ymezra. Under Jessamine’s watchful eye, tutors are teaching Ymezra the skills she needs to take over the family business one day.

Current Location
port kitawaki
small black coloured afro with a strip of grey passing through
Skin Tone
milk chocolate colour

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