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Kasei Interplanetary Starport


  The Kasei Interplantery Starport was once a bustling hub of logistics prior to the collapse, servicing the Kasei Delta and the region as the area's principal starport. Constructed by the Earth government to facilitate the movement of goods and people into and out of the area, it saw heavy traffic with shuttles arriving, unloading, and leaving hourly. Eventually, following the establishment of other starports, it was sold to the private Kasei Transport Corporation (KTC), and it remained in operation even following the collapse, albeit for a short amount of time.   Initially, the starport remained open under the orders of the KTC as it was believed that it would be needed for evacuation efforts, however, such an effort failed to materialize. For a number of years after the collapse, the starport functioned as a refugee shelter of sorts, with countless people fleeing to it in the hopes that they could escape from the rapidly deteriorating situation on Mars. Eventually, the refugees who had gathered attempted to forcefully board the remaining shuttles, overwhelming the starport's private security and incorrectly launching one of the shuttles, which proceeded to crash north of the starport.   Currently, the starport remains abandoned, all valuable materials and supplies having been looted decades ago. Vagabonds and outlaws often hide in the confines of the starport due to its size and relative irrelevancy, although hostile wildlife and the ever-present threat of the damned.  

Layout & Structures

  The starport is centered around a large terminal, with large concrete tunnels running to the twelve launchpads. The tunnels contain train tracks that were once used to shuttle people to and from the launch pads, whilst a thick concrete exterior protects the tracks from the heat generated from launched shuttles. The main terminal features many similarities to regular airports, although it also includes a hotel and a mall, which itself contains numerous shops, restaurants, and places of leisure.   Two main roads lead to the terminal, with destitute monorail tracks constructed above them. The surrounding area is fenced off with what was once an electric fence, although it has long since fallen into disrepair. The area within the fence is lightly wooded, bar some grassy areas around the terminal and launchpads.  


    The Kasei Interplanetary Starport is a relatively unsafe area, and it should be only entered if necessary and with sufficient personnel protection. Hostile wildlife has often been spotted roaming the area, and dangerous criminals are known to use the large, complicated structures to conceal themselves from bounty hunters or those seeking their lives.   However, rumors have suggested that some have seen the Damned roaming some of the more isolated areas of the starport. Although currently unsubstantiated, such rumors often stem from a sprinkle of truth, hence one should always practice caution and a healthy dose of paranoia.

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