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Hermes Mega Extraction Rig


  The Hermes Mega Extraction Rig is a megastructure built to extract massive amounts of natural resources, mainly ores and dry ice. Originally constructed by the largest mining corporation on Mars, Infinity Industries, the rig ceased operating following the great collapse, although it has since been inhabited by numerous gangs and organizations.   Immediately following the collapse, the rig was occupied by the Tharsis Military District as a temporary command post. For a few years, the local military force hunkered up in the rig, practically immune to the societal upheaval caused by the collapse, although the garrison was eventually forced to relocate after the water supply was cut off. Due to the isolated location of the rig, and the difficulty in transporting a regular supply of water to the arid desert, the structure has never been permanently settled, although attempts have been made.   Following the military's withdrawal, the rig was occupied by Decluir's Crew, a group of bandits who used the oil rig as a base of operations. Eventually, the group moved on, and the housing area below the rig turned into a shanty town, filled with vagrants and misfits who weren't accepted by the groups and factions which slowly arose. Only in recent times has the rig been completely abandoned, as severe dust storms caused the rig and the surrounding area to become unsuited for extended human inhabitation.

Layout & Structures

  The rig sits on four large pillars, with the extraction, administrative, and manufacturing facilities located on a series of large platforms which sit atop the pillars. Reaching the upper levels can be achieved either by taking one of many elevators or climbing a series of extensive stairs. Below the actual rig lies residential housing and commercial districts, which once housed and served the large workforce needed to operate the rig.   A series of rails leads into the rig from all directions, although these high-speed rail systems have long since ceased to function. It's technically possible to enter the rig by walking on top of the rails and into the loading bays, although the height deters most.


  The primary dangers posed by Hermes are not related to the structure itself, but its location. Severe dust storms can suddenly envelop the area, and its isolated location prevents supplies from being transported easily. Getting injured or running out of supplies can be deadly, and although no organization nor group officially occupies it, smaller formations of raiders and outlaws sometimes post up there temporarily, making entry risky.   Gaining entry to the main platform may also pose some dangers, as most of the elevators have long ceased functioning, whilst many of the stairs are in various states of disrepair.

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