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  The Damned are aggressively hostile amalgamations of biological matter and machinery, with their exact origins being unknown. Although their exact appearance varies slightly between individuals, their general anatomy generally remains consistent, and great care should be taken around them or in areas where they have been sighted.   Damned closely resemble large spiders, with mechanical legs and a large stinger protruding from the rear. Although they have no eyes, thick bristles on their back are believed to allow them to pick up even the slightest of vibrations, including footsteps and breathing, allowing them to hunt almost any non-aquatic animal with ease, including humans. A pair of fleshly limbs protrude near the front of the torso, with sharp hooks curling at the ends, which are capable weapons in combat.   It is unknown how, or why, the Damned are part biological and part mechanical, and the exact nature of their existence is also unknown. The biological functions of the Damned are also unknown, although it likely has all the organs that regular animals possess.

Diet and Reproduction

  The Damned are technically omnivores, although their preferred source of sustenance is meat. The Damned seem to be especially fond of human meat, although they regularly hunt and consume larger animals, including livestock. It is theorized that they can survive for several months without a meal, although starving Damned are known to venture into lightly populated areas to hunt for food.   How the Damned reproduce is unknown, and nobody is certain that they even do, as no sexual organs can be clearly identified. Some claim that the Damned are artificial creations, although no evidence to support such a theory has been presented.

Habitat and Behaviours

  The Damned are mainly found in isolated urban structures, preferring dark enclosed spaces which see little traffic. Larger structures with an underground area seem to be their primary habitat, although they have also been spotted in tunnels and underground car parks. They rarely venture outside, unless they are pursuing prey or are driven from their lair.   The Damned are extremely aggressive, and will not hesitate to charge a human, or any animal unfortunate enough to stumble upon it, on sight. Its large mechanical pincer and legs, coupled with its claws, make them durable, agile hunters. It is often advised to avoid the Damned at all costs, and evidence of their presence is considered common knowledge. Claw marks, seemingly random holes in ceilings and walls, and the absence of any animals or critters are considered signs that a Damned is present.
Lifespan: Unknown   Average Height: 6 Feet   Threat Classification: Severe

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25 Jun, 2022 07:41

Sounds like a very cute and cuddly creature. In all honestly, they sound terrifying and interesting. I like the detail of how one can notice their nearby presence. I also like the description of them.

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