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The War of Heavensfall

(WIP)   The War of Heavensfall saw the emergence of the Convent as a major power, and the near complete collapse of the Eternal Empire.

The Conflict


The Convent, native to the plane of Astria, were nearly wiped out following the devastating failure of their attempted cleansing of the plane of Stygia. As political turmoil began to devolve into infighting and civil war, the Quintumvirate fled with massive waves of loyal followers into Materia. Unwilling or perhaps unable to return whence they came, the invaders would be forced to carve out territory to survive.   The first sign of invasion came with the appearance of the Blue Gate. A massive magical sigil visible in the sky over at least a dozen Imperial frontier realms, the Blue Gate opened suddenly, disgorging wave after wave of Convent forces. Local militias and frontier defense forces were quickly overwhelmed in hours or days of first contact.   Following reports of these attacks, the Empire began to fully mobilize. Unfortunately, years of poor crops and material shortages had led to a major economic downturn, which coupled with logistical failings of mobilizing an ill-prepared military, created a chaotic, embarrassing first few engagements. Continued mismanagement of resources and political squabbling of various regional nobility further hampered proper Imperial response in the opening years of the war.


Convent forces were nominally overseen by Zakti Nivaraka, the Quintumvirate of war and defense, but were led de facto by the Seraphim exarch Galidal. The Seraphim, still reeling after their near total defeat in Stygia, would form the bulk of the Convent forces, fighting with a brutal ferocity more akin to a holy crusade than a territorial expansion.   Imperial forces in the war would first be commanded by Lord Commandant Lylian Grendt prior to her death at the Battle of Painted Sands. Young up-and-coming naval officer Trastin Villiad would be promoted to Lord Commandant in 1290, leading the remainder of the Imperial forces in the region for the remainder of the war.


Convent gains were immediate and far reaching, with Imperial forces all but pushed out of the Expanse by 1288. With the promotion Trastin to supreme commander of Imperial forces, the Eternal Empire was able to check and halt Convent aggression before it spilled deeper into Imperial territory. The rest of the war would be fought within two to three realms of the border, seeing widespread destruction and loss of life.

Historical Significance


For many, the wounds of Heavensfall are still bitterly fresh. Though the Empire and the Convent have maintained relative peace for centuries, and have even began to warm relations in recent years, general public view of the nation--and in particular the Seraphim--is still lukewarm at best, hated at worst.   Convent citizens are cautious as ever, regarding the Empire as too short-sighted and chaotic to be trusted as an ally.

Conflict Type
Start Date
1283 IS
Ending Date
1305 IS
Conflict Result
The Convent is ceded the Northwest Expanse; The Eternal Empire is left devastated for decades


The Convent
The Eternal Empire


Exact numbers unknown. Entire nation mobilized in forced migration.
Roughly 150,000 regular soldiers at peak.
Five fleets eternum.
Various regional militias.


Devastating. Military casualties at least 4 million. Civilian casualties unknown; estimated 7 million.


Following civil war in Astria, the Convent were forced to emigrate to Materia. This necessitated the founding of a new homeland.
Defense of the Northwest Expanse. Failing this, protection of Imperial held realms on the frontier.

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