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The Realms of Xhan

Created by

Once all of the know world has ruled by the Dargon Empire. Under the rule of the God Empress all was well for a time. But the conflicts that has shaped this world from its beginning, overthrow the Empire.   Today no gods walk the material plane. Nations rise and fall. And no place is far from untamed, dark wilds full of ruins from ages past and hungry bests.   A D&D world made for my newbie campaign(s?). If you want to create a character to play in this world please klick the link to Character creation guide and follow the instructions there. Or contact me.   In the Realms of Xhan only three things are certain.
  • That people always need good sword (or wizards staff) to protect them.
  • That you never know what you might find in the wild.
  • And that no one is ever truly safe.
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