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The Call

Shadows now walk waking in the world —
Darkness deep is rising,
All remembrances will soon be lost
Of the world’s breaking.
Dreams are shattered in the dead of night,
Can you hear the keening?
Come to set the evil then to flight,
Guardians troth keeping.
Winds of change are come to fill your wings —
At an end our waiting,
Soon the day when all shall be fulfilled,
Bright the daybreak’s dawning.
Comes the final test of all our faith,
Of our care and striving
Hie you now, fulfill your solemn oaths,
Find the lost ones wand’ring.
Strength long hid must come again to men,
Strength to stay the reaping,
Wisdom for all seekers of the Way,
Wisdom for the wielding,
Hope for those who wander far and wide,
Hope ‘gainst trials daunting,
Courage in the battles yet to come,
Courage for the fainting.


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