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Green Men

Green men (and women) are those whose Talents are closely aligned with the world's flora. There are as many variations of green men as there are individuals, but some basic classifications can be made.   Those who can coax plants to grow out of season or in inappropriate zones are known as 'Diffusionists'.   Those who command plants to grow far faster than their natural ability are called 'Swifts'   Those who modify the basic structures of plants in order to select for desirable characteristics are 'Thaumurgos'.    Those who have the ability to tell what plants will grow best in a certain environment are known as 'Curators'.   Those who are able to shape plants - especially trees - to be useful for human purposes are called 'Chimerists'.



The green men necessarily have a Talent that is related to flora.

Career Progression

Green men, like any who follow the Way, must figure out their particular skillset on their own.

Other Benefits

Green men generally have a share in any harvest they make happen; in addition they are held in great respect, especially in agricultural communities, and may merit protection in certain locales.



Green men keep plants from becoming invasive; they increase crop yields through selective breeding and characteristic modification; they shape plants, especially trees, into homes and household goods; they pioneer new techniques and uses for plants, such as phytoremediation or timed bioluminescence; and they have the ability to alleviate famines temporarily and in the long-term.   They can also be formidable opponents in battle, though most of them prefer more peaceful occupations.

Social Status

Green men are especially honored in the Deepwood, where most of them are part of the princely governing houses and are in some way related to the ruling class. They are nearly unknown in Ryndaria and the Dragomir except in the Deepwood, where stories of their abilities are classified as myths and legends.



Most green men use basic farming tools such as scythes, shovels, rakes, etc., though these are not necessary in all situations.


The most important item for any green man is seeds. They often carry pouches of different seeds they have collected over the years - favorite varieties, twigs from useful trees, rhizomes or tubers or bulbs that they intend to plant.   They also require what any gardener requires: good soil or the proper amendments; light; a source of fertilizer; and, most importantly, easy access to water.


Literally anywhere there is soil - and some places there isn't - is a potential worksite for a green man. They love forests, but some green men prefer a challenge, and seek out regions like Xanaria, the desert country, or the Shavarashan Sea, where the people live on man-made floating islands.

Provided Services

Green men have a wide range of possible work. In Aldael, Diffusionists may be dispatched to disaster areas to alleviate famine; they often do the same in Ryndaria, but on a smaller, less centralized scale. They are then paired with Swifts to make it possible to have a harvest in a few days instead of months.   Swifts may also work alone in areas where natural or unnatural disasters have occurred, to bring the native vegetation back to normal, preventing erosion or follow-on disasters such as mudslides or widespread evaporation of water sources.   Thaumurgos are more common in the Deepwood, where their work is an essential part of the ongoing phytoremediation efforts centered there. They may also become itinerants, traveling where they are needed in order to alter crops for desirable characteristics in seasons instead of generations.   Chimerists are almost exclusively found in the Deepwood, where they grow living houses and furniture for use. In Aldael, there is a certain sect of green men who create temples and cathedrals out of whatever trees are native in a given area.

Dangers & Hazards

One of the greatest dangers to any Talent-user is becoming Lost, but there are also more specific dangers to being a green man.  Some green men may lose their lives as they seek out new and possibly dangerous flora for their experiments; some travel extensively, with all the attendant dangers.  Thaumurgos sometimes modify plants in ways they hadn't intended - an occupational hazard.  Diffusionists may inadvertently introduce invasive species.
Agricultural / Fishing / Forestry
Green men are essential in the Deepwood, where they make up at least 2/3 of livelihoods, and are generally welcomed wherever they go, as their abilities are in high demand.

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