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Anomeri is the son of Viator and Raerioth. Viator is Ryndarin, while Raerioth came down from Aldael in order to teach the Way. Their firstborn son was Anomeri.   As his parents come from Aldael and Ryndaria, Anomeri's unique heritage is the ability to world-walk. Never at home in either realm, he is able to traverse both. Under certain circumstances, in specific locations, he can bring others with him from one realm to another.   Anomeri's Talent is two-fold: his inner Talent is the ability to see the alchemical makeup of the world, while his outward Talent is to separate and recombine each constituent part. For example, he might take a lump of ore, refine it by commanding each element to separate, then combine it with other purified ores to create an alloy. Or he might examine a plant, find the organic compound he needs, and extract it for use without needing to refine it using cruder methods.   Any use of his outward Talent, however, requires knowledge of the substance and how it can be used.   His Talent can also be applied quite differently due to his heritage as a World-walker.   In certain situations, Anomeri can be prone to prophecy, and this is one of those prophecies:
Shadows now walk waking in the world —
Darkness deep is rising,
All remembrances will soon be lost
Of the world’s breaking.
Dreams are shattered in the dead of night,
Can you hear the keening?
Come to set the evil then to flight,
Guardians troth keeping.

Winds of change are come to fill your wings —
At an end our waiting,
Soon the day when all shall be fulfilled,
Bright the daybreak’s dawning.
Comes the final test of all our faith,
Of our care and striving
Hie you now, fulfill your solemn oaths,
Find the lost ones wand’ring.

Strength long hid must come again to men,
Strength to stay the reaping,
Wisdom for all seekers of the Way,
Wisdom for the wielding,
Hope for those who wander far and wide,
Hope ‘gainst trials daunting,
Courage in the battles yet to come,
Courage for the fainting.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Anomeri was born to Viator and Raerioth approximately 19-25 years before the Cataclysms began. He grew up in an isolated village in Ryndaria with his parents. His mother was killed when he was about 13, and he fled to Aldael, believing himself to be an orphan.
No one is sure what, exactly, he did there, but when he returned five years later, he had made strong and binding covenants with Kiriet, and raised an army against the King of Five Countries, who had just tacitly allowed his First General, Azare, to sink the entire country of Shavarash into the ocean.
Reuniting with his father, Viator, who had begun the process of gathering rebels and refugees together, Anomeri raised an army to fight against the King of Five countries. This conflict culminated in a running battle that spanned a third of the continent; the clash of armies resulted in the creation of a new mountain range, known as the Sundershroud. Accounts vary, agreeing only on the point that the King of Five Countries was never killed, only imprisoned. Anomeri disappeared from history, and his army dispersed and returned to their homelands to rebuild.
He became one of the Unwaking, those who had utterly spent their Talents in the service of their gods, and his friend and mentor, Jair, watched over him until he woke, many generations later, to find that the Keros, one of the King of Five Countries' servants, was working to free its master.


Anomeri was taught by his mother, but it is unclear what education he may have received while in Aldael. Certainly he is well-versed in the Way, and is both literate and possessed of a broad knowledge base.


As a servant of Kiriet, Anomeri takes on whatever work is before him. Currently, that is stabilizing the government of Ilukar.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Anomeri raised an army from among the peoples of Ryndaria. He slew Halin Beast-Speaker, the Third General of the King of Five Countries' armies, at Shadowclash. By several accounts, Anomeri imprisoned the King of Five Countries before vanishing at the end of the final Cataclysm.

Failures & Embarrassments

Anomeri failed to stop the King of Five Countries from setting fire to Nikoris, the fen-lands to the west of Ilukar. As a result of his decision not to make a last stand, his running battle with the King of Five Countries resulted in the raising of a new mountain range that spans a third of the continent, now known as the Sundershroud.

Mental Trauma

Oh, he's got plenty.

Morality & Philosophy

Anomeri is extremely conscious of his status as a servant of Kiriet. As such, he is constantly striving to follow the Way. He seeks opportunities to serve other mortals, but sometimes comes right to the edge of his actual authority as Kiriet's servant.
Divine Classification
Servant of Kiriet
Current Status
On a mission to prevent the King of Five Countries from burning the world to ash.
older than he looks
Blue, changeable, can be nearly grey or light or dark depending on his mood.
Bright golden blonde, slightly longer than shoulder length, often tied back, rather thick and slightly wavy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
195 lbs, athletic build; muscular but slight.
Servant of Kiriet, follows the Way

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