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Relating to magic

Magic in the Realms of Kerr revolves around every materiel having inherent magical properties. This means that the world will interact with the players. It also means that the materials that items are made of will heavily influence how it interacts with the world. This does not mean, however, that mages will not be a part of this world, rather that the way mages function will change.   Magic is tied closely to the materials required. A spell, for example, is not a waving of hands and a muttering of incomprehensible words, but the careful preparation of various materials organised in such a way as to have the desired effect. Likewise, an enchanted item is not an item embued with power, but an item constructed of materials that embody the power.   This system opens up a multitude of possibilities when properly employed. Imagine passing a bolder that saps you or your energy or entering a cavern where a lake is contained by the ceiling. It also allows for the balancing of powerful items, a sword of obsidian that can slice through worlds yet has only the strength of glass.   However, not all materials are equal with each other. Most materials are considered ordinary; stone, wood, and water all contain magical properties, yet of the nature that we always assume them to have. Water, for instance, can ware through anything, yet takes hundreds of years to do it. All things are magical, but few things are perceived to be.  

Using Magic

While the powers that mages exhibit may seem supernatural, it is grounded very much in material properties.

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