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The Realms of Kerr

Year 574 of the Second Age

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Magic. From the first alliance to the spitting of the world, magic has always been there. The power, the driving force, the very fabric of reality itself - magic has influenced the shaping of the world and will dictate its final outcome.   This has always been the way. There have been those who have forgotten it, they have been reminded. There have been those who forsook it, they have been destroyed. But always there have been those who remembered, they have endured. It was those who rebuilt civilization after the colapse and those who drove back the nature spirits; they who reformed the alliance. It is because of them that the Realms of Kerr endure.   From the dizzying heights of Kale Mondur to the flats of Tiearl, from the great city of Bell to the wilderness of Dar, all exists because of them. The thunderous waters of the Swell and the quiet tranquility of the Glades, all persists because of them, the heros, the strong and the weak, the great and the small, the commoners of the great land Kerr; those that remembered.  


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Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

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